The World Ended in 2012 Theory


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This Theory is that the world Ended in 2012 by Going into a Black Hole and Getting Transferred to a Parallel Universe and During this Transfer it made Glitches in the Minds of Humanity.


1: Humans are acting Weird now after 2012 (Witch is Proven True within in the Nato Countries) Look at people from before 2012 and after they seem different. But the people who provide this Evidence only Overview the Western Nations. They Dont go over the Third world nations or The Natural world witch if the world Ended like how they said Everyone would have to be effected.

2: Is there another meaning to ‘the end of time’? Preston B. Nichols, a supposed whistleblower who wrote books detailing time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base, claimed that they were never able to time travel past 2012 because they could find no future beyond it.
(This One Is Possibly a Schizo Post but feel free to Investigate it for yourself.)

3: All the Weird
Coincidences: Have you Noticed That there was a Massive Dooms Day Cult in 2012 That was Saying the World is going to end on December 21, 2012 According to the Mayen Calendar.

4: Mandela Effects Started Happening after 2012.

5: Many Say that time feels much faster now then it did before 2012. (In order to Prove this Theory you will Have to Ask a Question about how fast time is going now compared to in 2010 To all Walks of Life that are Atleast 20 years before 2011.)

6: Trans gender worship, White guilt, Everyone forgot about Occupy Wallstreet, Cultural Liberal Revolution, Unwillingness to Organize anything outside the Mainstream, Cell phones took off and Then Massive scale Psychosis and Brain rot.


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This is the Evidence the People who Talk about the world ending in 2012 Provide. It Makes Sense in the United State or Western Europe But they Dont Discuss Change in people outside of The Nato Countries.

This is a Interesting Theory I want to Get to the Bottom of it.


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Solipsism and the World Ending in 2012.
If You Have Not Looked into the World ending in 2012 Theory
this is What it Consists of:

1: Everyone Slowly Starts Losing their Mind (As you See with Such Examples As: Cardi B, Fluoride, Shitty Culture, Degeneracy, Mass Psychosis)

2: I am not Exactly sure witch one but Either the Percepting of time speeds up or Days Actually Get Shorter as Years go on after 2012 (I Have Not did much Research on this so I dont have a Clear Answer But I am sure you heard many say that the Weak went by in a blink of an Eye)

3: Have you Ever Asked Someone that some of the Systems and Way of Societies before 2012 Just seemed better and More Fulfilling? Was the Answer Something like, "That was a different world back then." "That was a different time." (If you Can Answer this question witch I will Ask right here that will be Awesome: Have People Said that was a Different time or World as Much Any time Before 2012?

This Theory is Unproven but it Feels as Real as Day Light if you Look at it from a Solipsistic Point of View.


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Music and Pop Culture Before 2012:
Have you noticed How there are so many People that Just Listen to Trash from Cardi B? Notice how Most these People Love this music?
Notice How These "People" Rushed into Travis Scotts Concert as if He were going give Everyone there a Free Piece of Gold?

Now Lets Look at What Twenty Year olds and Teens in 2009 and what they Listened to:

Wow that is Quite a Cool song.

Lets Peak at the 1900s:
I Heard But I could be wrong debunk me if you Objectively Know I am wrong: I Heard in the Cities of the 1900s it had Really bad working Conditions, Tons of Toxins, Bad Food.
Take a Look at the Weimar Republic. Yes it Was Very Degenerate and had a Really Bad economy but The Weimar Republic was no where near as Brain dead as the People you See Today Unless you Can Prove me wrong.

But Now Only a Small percent of People Listen to Music that isn't total Trash.
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Mad Scientists in Genava Switzerland Doing Experiments with the God Molecule in 2012.
What the Theorists say is a Black Hole Opened in 2012 and Sucked earth in but all the Collective minds still exist, and we are Just in a Decaying State.

Can Someone Please Answer this Question: Was the Psychology of the Third World People's, Amish or People in General who Never Use the Internet the Same before 2012 as Now?
Everything Happens for a Reason and the World Ending in 2012.
Ask Yourself. Do you Really Have Power over your Actions? Or are the Actions you make Resort of Your Genetics, Some External Circumstance or Childhood trauma and Subconscious blockage of some type?

Example: Would a Bluepilled Doomer Start Working out if he had no Motivation to do So? Of Course Not. But if Knew for a fact he would get the Girl of his dreams if he worked out he Would do it Every day. But he Just got fooled by a PUA !!

Did the Doomer Have zero external circumstances to Motivate him to work out? Or is he just working out because he would have a Possibility of getting a female?

Lets go a Bit Deeper. Did the PUA whom Gave the Doomer a False promise of getting a Girl Choose to become a PUA without ANY External Circumstances telling him to?
NO. He Became a PUA because he knew for a fact he could get a ton of money.
The PUA Also has a Certain Personality type which makes him more likely to do Scamming or Entrepeneur type of stuff.

Would you Become a PUA? No. Only a Certain type of Person would become a PUA.

Now Think about this and did any of these Parties Choose to Do what they did without any External Circumstances, genetics or Subconscious Blockage.

Everything Happens for a reason and we are Little Powerless Humans.
Why Has society got so weird since 2012? Because All of the Events which degraded society since 2012 all has Happened for a Reason.

I am Pretty sure the world Did end in 2012.