Transmaxxing13 manifesto


Why you should transition (1)
How medical transition affects mating options (1)
How to transition (2)
The experience of becoming female (2)
The male gender role is broken (5)
Life outcomes of people that transition (6)
Who actually benefit from medical transition? (6)
long term outcomes (7)
Multivariate regression: HRT is beneficial (10)
Why do some people regret transitioning? (13)
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning (14)
Leaving your old life behind to live like a cis female (15)
About "real-life tests" (16)
Voice Training (16)
A method from a vocal training coach to try at home (16)
A step-by-step guide to vocal training (17)
The importance of passing (17)
5 things you can do to pass better (18)
Hair Care (18)
Delaying HRT is insanity (18)
Medical transition and reproduction (19)
The temporary HRT option (19)
Other reasons to stop HRT (20)
At some point you will need to socially transition (20)
Facial Feminization surgery (20)
How society benefits from people transitioning (20)
People improving their lives by transitioning is a beautiful thing (20)
Forced feminization (21)
About being cis (23)
Innate gender identity? (23)
Direct vs indirect gender dysphoria (23)
Alternatives to medical transition (23)
Therapists and psychiatrists cannot be trusted (24)
Why you cannot trust doctors in general (25)
How to do your own research (25)
Do not let anyone gatekeep you from transitioning (26)
Val's transmaxxing story (26)
HRT reduces distress (27)
Trapped in the wrong body? (28)
Female sexuality? (28)
Denial and paranoia among repressors (29)
Factors to consider before transitioning (30)
Ideal height as a female (30)
The dating market is changing (31)
Dating as trans female (31)
Why SRS is a bad idea (31)
Why breast implants are a bad idea (34)
Why we need to ban FtM transition (34)
About gender identity (35)
About gender identity politics (35)
About women's sports (36)
Self-ID as a tool for legal gender equality (37)
Woman = Adult Human Female (37)
Am i a transmaxxer? (39)
You have the right to stand up for your life and future (40)
What does it mean to be female? (42)
Biological sex is bimodal, not binary (43)
How a girldick differ from a male penis (44)
Trans women have way better sex than 'chad' (44)
Trans females who had surgery had better mental health than cis females (45)
About SRS surgeons in Thailand (46)
Preecha Aesthetic institute (47)
Your sex-life as trans female (48)
Benefits of transmaxxing as sissy (50)
A trans girl replied (51)
Data Regarding suicide mortality (52)
Formal study on tavistock data (53)
Depression comparison (54)
Transmaxxing works even if you do not improve your personality (54)
Some people need a male to take care of them (55)
How to extract resources from men (55)
Sex work (56)
How to attract chad (56)
Transmaxxing success stories (57)
Not only did transitioning save my life, it got me out of inceldom (59)
I'm not a woman trapped in a mans body. I'm just a man with bad genetics and childhood traumas (59)
I love being a cute girl (60)
I didn't feel like i was a girl until i was on estrogen (60)
Leslie’s story (61)
19 MtoF - Best choice I've made in my life (62)
Avatarmaxxing vs dragmaxxing vs transmaxxing (62)
Why you dislike the Tigerqueen: Narcissistic, Histrionic, Machiavellian Women; Why they evolved, their place in modern society, and ways to mitigate their bullshit. (63)
Why detransitioning when born male often work out just fine (64)
Stereotypical masculinity = being dumb (64)
Most males are becoming obsolete (64)
Involuntary Celibacy (66)
Sexual reasons to transition are valid (67)
Transition due to mental illness? (67)
Being cis can be a mental illness (68)
The degeneracy factor (68)
How to do Hormone Replacement therapy (69)
5. Estradiol patches (72)

Emulating pregnancy (72)
Breast growth (73)
Should you emulate cis female puberty? (74)
Progesterone (74)
Estrogen and mental health/abilities (75)
Safety (75)
The stop & go method (75)
Are blood tests needed (77)
Puberty blockers (bad idea) (77)
4. About sublingual estradiol administration (78)
It's fine to have masculine facial characteristics as female (79)
Intersex studies: gender identity is not innate (79)
Securing the ability of people to transition to improve their lives (85)
Replacing the Y chromosome with something better (86)
Preventing self-impregnation (87)
Neurology (87)
Going through female puberty to become a girl should be the norm (87)
Should some people be allowed to not live as girls? (88)
Having some people become infertile women instead (88)


Other versions
Discord recently raised their upload limit to 25 MiB for most users. For that reason a pdf taking up 23.06 GiB was created, in practise there shouldn't be much of a difference in image quality.

The epub version has some issues (mostly bad spacing) but might still be better than the PDF for some mobile devices.



How to find out if you can pass
Asking other people if you would be able to pass is problematic since that requires you to share your face with these people outing yourself as potentially being transgender. Then there is the issue that other people who you ask might be wrong or not give you a honest answer.

What i recommend instead is trying out crossdressing and makeup to see if you can get close to passing without HRT, if that is the case you should be able to pass ok just from HRT, otherwise you will at best need facial surgery to pass and at worse not even facial surgery could allow you to pass as a female.

People sometimes ask me if they think they could pass and when that happens i do give my honest opinion, unfortunately that once made the individual who asked me very upset causing him/her to leave my discord server and attack me (even though i explained beforehand that i am not good at evaluating if people could pass), my assessment was that he/she would need FFS to pass as a female despite just being 16.

There are also other traits besides your face than can out you to other people. If you are taller than around 185cm as a male your height alone can out you as having been born male. You might lose around an inch (2.54 cm) from HRT but that's different for different people.
HRT will typically affect the hip bone development if initiated before age 24.

This section will be added to the transmaxxing14 together with a good makeup guide.