Transmaxxing3 manifesto


Why you should transition (1)
How medical transition affects mating options (1)
How to transition (2)

The experience of becoming female (2)
The male gender role is broken (5)
Life outcomes of people that transition (6)
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning (6)
About "real-life tests" (7)
Delaying HRT is insanity (7)

Medical transition and reproduction (7)
Estrogenized male vs trans female (7)
Other reasons to stop HRT (8)
Facial Feminization surgery (8)

How society benefits from people transitioning (8)
People improving their lives by transitioning is a beautiful thing (9)
Forced feminization (9)
Innate gender identity? (10)
Direct vs indirect gender dysphoria (10)
Alternatives to medical transition (11)
Therapists and psychiatrists cannot be trusted (11)
Do not let anyone gatekeep you from transitioning (12)
Trapped in the wrong body? (12)
Female sexuality? (12)
Denial and paranoia among repressors (14)
Which individuals actually benefit from transitioning? (14)
Ideal length as a female (15)
Who actually benefit from medical transition? (15)
Why do some people regret transitioning? (17)
The dating market is changing (18)
Dating as trans girlfriend (19)
About gender identity (20)
Self-ID as a tool for egalitarianism (21)
What does it mean to be female? (24)
Biological sex is bimodal, not binary (24)
How a girldick differ from a male penis (25)
Transwomen have way better sex than 'chad' (25)
Is SRS a good idea? (26)
Trans females who had surgery had better mental health than cis females (26)
Thai SRS surgeons (27)
Preecha Aesthetic institute (28)
Your sex-life as trans female (29)
Benefits of transmaxxing as sissy (31)
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Data Regarding suicide mortality (32)
Transmaxxing works even if you do not improve your personality (34)
Some people need a male to take care of them (35)
How to extract resources from men (35)
Sex work (36)
How to attract chad (36)
Transmaxxing success stories (37)
Not only did transitioning save my life, it got me out of inceldom (39)
I'm not a woman trapped in a mans body. I'm just a man with bad genetics
and childhood traumas (39)
I love being a cute girl (40)
I didn't feel like i was a girl until i was on estrogen (40)
Leslie’s story (40)
Most males are already obsolete (41)
Involuntary Celibacy (42)
Sexual reasons to transition are valid (43)
Transition due to mental illness? (43)
Being cis can be a mental illness (44)
The degeneracy factor (44)
How to do Hormone Replacement therapy (45)
Emulating pregnancy (46)
Breast growth (47)
Should you emulate cis female puberty? (48)
Estrogen and mental health (49)
Safety (49)
The stop & go method (49)
Are blood tests needed (50)
Puberty blockers (50)
4. About sublingual estradiol administration (52)
5. Estradiol patches (52)
It's fine to have masculine facial characteristics as female (52)


You want to remain young and innocent and feminine. that's not going to last forever unless you do something about it. As it is, there are basically two ways of doing this (besides just doing nothing and eventually masculinizing)... one is going on puberty blockers, where you'll essentially delay the progression of puberty... it's generally not a very good option, especially not long term, since it is quite unhealthy. It will keep you as you are, buy you time, so to speak. The other is hormones (castration is technically an option, but total loss of sex hormones is also unhealthy). This has side effects. Your body will become more female. Your skin will become clearer, your hips will widen, you will stop becoming taller. You will become weaker, you will lose some of the general acrid male body odor, you will develop breast tissue. It will also make you infertile when you take them for a long period of time, this may or may not be reversible (if you are worried about this, bank sperm). You will stop growing much taller, you might experience emotional changes, your body hair will reduce and lighten, with the potential exception of any already on your face. Essentially you will start looking a lot more feminine, and this is the only way for you to do this. You don't necessarily need to change how you dress, your name, or anything else if you don't want to. It's up to you.

But yeah, talk it through. don't actually do this unless you want to... just be aware that "Just wait it out, it'll go away" is bad advice... we like to meme that everyone would be better as a girl, but it's not entirely true... it's a personal choice, and you sort of have to make it yourself... tbh, the only reason we're actually continuing on about this is that you remind a lot of us of how we once were and you're still young enough to not have the regrets we have, while having your options open and available. You're not exactly the same, but you are similar.