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Do not fall for anti-DIY propaganda
There is a lot of fearmongering taking place regarding people buying hormones online instead of waiting 6 years for official prescription. It is often claimed that it's very dangerous to buy hormones online but if there is one obvious tell that the supposed danger of it is all bullshit, at least in terms of health.

If DIY HRT was actually dangerous why cannot the people fearmongering about it even find a single case of someone actually being harmed by it? if that actually had happened even once anti-trans media would be all over it talking about this single case out of 100000+

The only 'case' i could find was someone who developed polmonary emboly after he was forced to take antipsychotics (psychiatric abuse) and no longer allowed to take his estrogen (he identified as male).

So why is it so hard to find cases of people being harmed? the simple reason is because it's a very safe treatment, it's safer than birth control pills.

The risk can be reduced further by switching to non-oral administration, because of that DIY injections are likely significantly safer than official prescription taking orally for the same effective dosage.

If you are concerned about safety you might instead want to reduce the anti-androgen usage or eliminate it completely and this is something you can easily do when you buy hormones online instead of relying of official prescription. It's common for european endicronologists to precribe very high dosages of Cyproterone Acarate to trans people which put them in danger for bad side effects for zero benefits over a lower dosage (5 to 10 mg is typically enough if you need it at all).

There are good reasons to believe that HRT might actually cause you to live longer.

So why then is there such fearmongering about DIY HRT? the obvious answer is that it's about wanting to control people, the current dogma is that doctors should be a protected class such that they are the only ones allowed to prescribe most medications.

Medical fascism explained
Rather than you being in charge of your own body your body will belong to the government, this is often justified by the fact that most people are not properly educated (due to dysfunctional government schools) and also the fact that there are a lot of idiots out there, there is just one obvious issue with this.

How can we then trust people to elect politicians that will then make the correct calls with these medical decisions? the obvious answer is that we can't.

So in a democracy medical fascism is just about enforcing equality forcing everyone to undergo the same treatments including involuntary treatments because we cannot allow smart/educated people to make better decisions and thus do better than the majority.

Non-paternalistic reasons for control
While control is often justified with "he/she isn't capable of making his/her own decisions" there are other reasons for control. If you offer some treatment it's in your interest to lobby the government to ban other treatments (or delay approval), it's even better if you can force people to get that treatment.

If a disease is dangerous for you forcing other people to get vaccinated might be beneficial for you since then you will be less likely to get infected yourself (if the vaccine reduces your spread).


Refuting: we need gatekeeping due to a potential estrogen shortage
I have seen some truscum types (people thinking you should only transition if you have what they view as gender dysphoria) claim that people transitioning for reason they view as invalid are taking away healthcare from the ones that actually need it.
If that was true why hasn't there been an estrogen shortage altely? surely all new people transitioning via the DIY route would cause a shortage if that theory was true?

How a free market prevents and resolves shortages
In the case of a shortage the price will increase until demand meets supply again, people who really need it will still be able to get it if they have enough money to spend. This of course is not egalitarian since it very much favor people with money, you can however make it more egalitarian by having policies to reduce economic inequality.

Since the price will skyrocket during a shortage people will be incentivized to buy and stockpile so they have supplies ready in the case of a shortage.
If the expected demand is greater in the future this will incentivize manufacturers to make more of it resulting it there not being any shortage even though a lot more people start buying it.

Why a greater demand for transition services may benefit trans people
More trans people will make the transgender sector worth a lot more money and thus more actors will enter the market. In addition the transgender voting block will create pressure on politicians to meet the needs of trans people.

This increases the chance of we seeing things such as womb transplants for trans females, bigger overall need result in greater chance of it being offered, this holds true even if 90% just have some fetish for pregnancy rather than severe gender dysphoria.

I am aware that this feels wrong to a lot of people
This is because you end up having to trust a somewhat counter-intuitive process. People will naturally be in favor of "let's use the government to make sure the ones who need something the most get it" but having a gatekeeping process itself is actually often the cause of severe shortages resulting in nobody getting treated in time.

Countries who gatekeep HRT for trans people tend to have very long waiting lines due to there not being enough gender therapists to meet the demand, people end up having to wait over a year just for the first meeting. No matter how much you need HRT you will not actually get it in a timely manner unless you go outside that system.

There isn't even a current shortage of estrogen in the first place, plenty of cis females use it just for birth control (it's less safe than the estradiol trans females generally use but it it still works for transgender purposes if used for that).


Are cis/trans female rights in danger?
The obvious answer is yes but it's not exclusive to them, no matter who you are you are never fully safe in society, bad things can happen to you.
example: most murder victims are male.

What you can do however is to live a good life until something unforeseen/unavoidable take that away, you will die one day, there is no avoiding that. Most people alive today will probably die from old age or disease rather than being killed by government or criminals.

In terms of government oppression what usually happens is that a small number of people are targeted, governments generally do not want to go after some strong group. People viewed as mentally ill are particularly at risk since many of these are not capable of properly fighting for their rights.
Young people are also at risk since they are not allowed to vote and often parents want to control their children (they are the ones allowed to vote).
Things like draconian abortion laws can only take place in a democracy if a significant portion of the female population wants that (such as due to believing in christianity).

Societal survival of the fittest
Unfortunately there is one big problem, societies are in constant competition between each other. Often states want to expand their authority beyond their current borders (this very often resulted in war).

The competition against other societies/states will push governments to implement inhumane policies in an attempt to gain the upper hand, this can be outright conscription or draconian taxes (or at least very limited welfare) in an attempt to push people into military employment. Governments might resort to eugenics, involuntary medical experiments on humans, genocidal warfare, sacrificing their own civilians in wars, etc.

It's also likely that some countries will implement draconian policies for raising the birth-rate, this in particular will endanger the rights of fertile female but of course nobody is safe (infertile females can be useful as government sex-slaves, males can be forcefully transitioned to female).

A big reason for the recent pushback against letting children transition seem to be the fact that many are AFAB and there isn't any way to preserve female fertility while transitioning (surrogacy is expensive, often illegal, often viewed as immoral). Another issue with FtM transition is that it makes the incel problem even worse.

If forced impregnations become reality (which it probably will in some countries) it will probably be limited to a minority of the female population to reduce the negative economic impact and the number of people directly negatively effected (this is possible in a democracy since you can just convince enough of the ones not subjected to it).

In general "societal survival of the fittest" is a process hard to predict but it will continue until we have a single world government in firm control over the entire planet.


No offense, but the whole thing seems like a waste of time, there's already tons of trannies, why do you waste your time trying to convince more incels to be trannies?
You are mistaken if you think that is something i put effort into right now.

I tried that earlier (over a year ago) but since i didn't have much success i abandoned that project and instead focused on reaching out to trans people in general helping them make better choices.


Active member
You are mistaken if you think that is something i put effort into right now.

I tried that earlier (over a year ago) but since i didn't have much success i abandoned that project and instead focused on reaching out to trans people in general helping them make better choices.
trans people are mentally ill by the definition of the word, so helping them make better choices sounds like a lot of effort to me.


trans people are mentally ill by the definition of the word, so helping them make better choices sounds like a lot of effort to me.
Not if transition is beneficial which it very much can be. Plenty of transsexual live good high quality life, most probably have it a lot better than you have it at least.

They (MtF individuals) at least can get girlfriends, something you have never gotten close to.


Why SRS is a bad idea
Last year i was in contact with a trans female that pursued SRS, she had spent years researching this and had finally found a surgeon she was confident in. She even gave special instruction to the surgeons to make sure she got the best result (she mentioned that another trans female didn't do that and it didn't work out too well for her).

She did share her results so i could look at them, she was actually satisfied. When i looked at that however it became very clear that it was nothing like a natural vagina, it didn't look even close to the same.

It's very hard to find pictures of actual good SRS results in terms of eastetics, you might find some but that's extremely rare and it might just be that the picture itself is misleading in these cases. One obvious issue with this is that then even if you have surgery people will still be able to tell you were not born female when you are naked.
Here is a sample of natural vaginas (not cherry picked)

Reproductive function
While a neovagina could allow for natural impregnation (if functional wombs and ovaries were added, etc) no current neovagina option would allow for child-birth, they cannot expand enough to support that, not even close.

While SRS doesn't add any female reproductive abilities it will remove valuable male reproductive abilities usually leaving the patient permanently infertile besides any sperm that may or may not have been banked. Just relying on banked sperm is probably not a good idea if you want children. If you keep your testicles you might be able to restore your fertility by temporarily stopping HRT.

Sexual function
SRS does not add much if any sexual function.

Anal sex works just fine and it does not require any dilation or surgery. Thanks to the prostate you will be able to enjoy very powerful orgasms from that and here is a problem, with SRS the neovagina will be created between the anus and the prostate which is very likely to make anal sex less pleasurable.

With SRS you will also lose the ability to put a dick inside someone else which will limit your options when it comes to sexual activities.

By having a penis as a girl you are exotic, if you have SRS you lose the thing that make you stand out compared to cis females you will then have a hard time competing with people born female (who usually are fertile and have more attractive genitals).

What if you have genital dysphoria?
It's not clear to me that having surgery to construct something that doesn't look anything close to a natural vagina would be particularly helpful for that. Sure you can tell yourself "i like they way it looks" but i do not think living in a state of constant delusion is good for you.

Maybe it's just me but i do not like the idea of removing parts of your body because they make you uncomfortable or whatever. Should people with Body Integrity Identity Disorder cut off their leg/arm?

My personal view is that physical health should come first and that mental health will be a function of you in general living a good life. The issue with how mental health is currently addressed is that short-term gain comes at the price of long-term pain, this is a general issue with psychiatry.

Study results
If you look at actual studies you will find that it's not surgeries trans people benefit from. Only HRT has a significant positive association with quality of life in multivariate regression.

The following study did found that the "mental health" metric increased temporarily after SRS only to fall back to the level it was prior to the surgery.

As see here there was no statistically significant short-term benefit and no placebo control.

Limitations of the study include incomplete follow-up and the inability to adjust results for clinical factors such as comorbidities, sociodemographic factors, and hormonal treatment.

I tried finding the data regarding the response-rate for the follow-ups but i failed to find that, it may have been intentionally hidden by the study authors. It might be the case that people unhappy with their results just disappeared and that only the ones somewhat satisfied continued to participate.

The study authors did point out that the quality of life will decrease over time also among the general population but that's not a proper control group, we need to compare it to trans females people who did not undergo that surgery.