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Why you should transition (1)
How medical transition affects mating options (1)
How to transition (2)
The experience of becoming female (2)
The male gender role is broken (5)
Life outcomes of people that transition (6)
Who actually benefit from medical transition? (6)
long term outcomes (7)
Multivariate regression: HRT is beneficial (10)
Why do some people regret transitioning? (13)
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning (14)
About "real-life tests" (15)
The importance of passing (15)
Delaying HRT is insanity (16)
Medical transition and reproduction (16)
Estrogenized male vs trans female (16)
Other reasons to stop HRT (17)
About the non-binary trap(17)
Facial Feminization surgery (17)
How society benefits from people transitioning (17)
People improving their lives by transitioning is a beautiful thing (18)
Forced feminization (18)

About being cis (20)
Innate gender identity?
Direct vs indirect gender dysphoria (20)
Alternatives to medical transition (20)
Therapists and psychiatrists cannot be trusted (21)
Why you cannot trust doctors in general (22)
How to do your own research (22)
Do not let anyone gatekeep you from transitioning (23)
Val's transmaxxing story (23)
HRT reduces distress (24)
Trapped in the wrong body? (25)
Female sexuality? (25)
Denial and paranoia among repressors (26)
Factors to consider before transitioning (27)
Ideal height as a female (27)
The dating market is changing (28)
Dating as trans female (28)
Why SRS is a bad idea (28)
Why breast implants are a bad idea (31)
Why we need to ban FtM transition (31)

About gender identity (32)
About gender identity politics (32)
About women's sports (33)
Self-ID as a tool for egalitarianism (34)
Woman = Adult Human Female (34)
What does it mean to be female? (36)
Biological sex is bimodal, not binary (37)
How a girldick differ from a male penis (38)
Trans women have way better sex than 'chad' (38)
Trans females who had surgery had better mental health than cis females (39)
About SRS surgeons in Thailand (40)
Preecha Aesthetic institute (41)
Your sex-life as trans female (42)
Benefits of transmaxxing as sissy (44)
A trans girl replied (45)
Data Regarding suicide mortality (46)
Formal study on tavistock data (47)
Depression comparison (48)
Transmaxxing works even if you do not improve your personality (48)
Some people need a male to take care of them (49)
How to extract resources from men (49)
Sex work (50)
How to attract chad (50)
Transmaxxing success stories (51)
Not only did transitioning save my life, it got me out of inceldom (53)
I'm not a woman trapped in a mans body. I'm just a man with bad genetics and childhood traumas (53)
I love being a cute girl (54)
I didn't feel like i was a girl until i was on estrogen (55)
Leslie’s story (55)
Why you dislike the Tigerqueen: Narcissistic, Histrionic, Machiavellian Women; Why they evolved, their place in modern society, and ways to mitigate their bullshit.
Why detransitioning when born male often work out just fine

Stereotypical masculinity = being dumb (56)
Most males are already obsolete (57)

Involuntary Celibacy (58)
Sexual reasons to transition are valid (59)
Transition due to mental illness? (59)
Being cis can be a mental illness (60)
The degeneracy factor (60)
How to do Hormone Replacement therapy (61)
Emulating pregnancy (63)
Breast growth (63)
Should you emulate cis female puberty? (65)
Estrogen and mental health/abilities (65)
Safety (66)
The stop & go method (66)
Are blood tests needed (67)
Puberty blockers (bad idea) (67)
4. About sublingual estradiol administration (68)
5. Estradiol patches (68)
It's fine to have masculine facial characteristics as female (69)
Intersex studies: gender identity is not innate (69)
Replaceing the Y chromosome with something better (75)


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Other versions
Discord has an upload limit of 8MiB for most users. For that reason a pdf smaller than 8GiB was created, the smaller size will however result in images of worse quality but otherwise it should be the same.

The epub version has some issues (mostly bad spacing) but might still be better than the PDF for some mobile devices.



Step3: do a forced HRT Randomized Controlled Trial on individuals where medical transition seems to be beneficial but they are unwilling to transition for various reasons.
I forgot to add that this would be limited to people who are extremely transphobic.

It would be almost be a shame if they the non-placebo group then turns out to benefit from transitioning but we have to remember that "moral fairness" (whatever that is) shouldn't be the purpose of the legal system. We need the government to maintain social order and control over the population.


Why i had to use transition photos of others without asking for permission
One complain i have seen sometimes is that often in trans spaces people use pictures of anime girls instead of real pictures of people who have actually transitioned themselves. For that reason i decided to use real transition photos which i mostly took from r/transtimelines to use as inspiration showing that you can look great after transitioning.

The issue with having everyone agree to have their photo used is that then people would be able to use it against them later, for that reason i never asked so they can say "i didn't agree to have my photo used". For better or worse the copyright ordinary people supposedly have is pretty much ignored since most people don't want to sue over having some photo they posted in public be used by others.

As our community grows i will instead be able to use transition timelines from people in our community, this actually started with version 7 with val agreeing to send pictures, she actually looked better when i saw her in the video chat later so we can probably get a better photo from here later.

These pictures are being used to help people improve their lives and we have already saved at least 1 person from suicide.


The stealth option
If you live in a transphobic area you are better off not letting other people know you are transgender, you want other people to think of you as "just another beatiful woman".

Here are some important things to follow

0. Do not post your trans timeline online, if you want validation just pose as a cis female.
1. Delay your social transition until you can pass.
2. Put a lot of effort into voice-training
3. Move to a new area and begin a new social life there as you begin your social transition, of course you can decide against this but then there will be more people who can out you.
4. Do not be too promiscuous since having sex will out you as transgender to that partner, this is very often the case even if you have had SRS since neovaginas does not look the same as natural vaginas.
5. Change your name to something very different from your old male name.
6. Legally change your sex too.

One interesting idea for people who cannot pass is to lie about being a detrans female "i took testosterone for 6 months and but then i realized i wanted to go back to being female". This will also work as an excuse for having a masculine voice.


This is an open project so other people will be able to contribute.

You can contribute by sending me text(s) you want to be included or by downloading the odt file to edit directly yourself, if you do the latter you can send the file to me for a final editing.