Understanding male sexuality


It's not very physically stimulating for the male to penetrate, the orgasm will only last a short time and it will not be very intense.

Instead males get pleasure from imagining themselves as the female and seeing the female react to being fucked, this is why males enjoy porn, they like to see females being fucked even if they are not the ones doing the fucking.

If the goal is physical stimulation there are far better options than PiV sex such as prostate stimulation or receiving handjob from a girl.

The reason why males crave sex is because of the high testosterone resulting in much higher sex-drive than that of females, when they actually end up having sex it will be the female enjoying it the most if the male perform ok (with the exception for pegging and similar). Male sexuality is actually mostly about pleasing the women and following urges, it's not really about physical pleasure.
A male orgasm is reached by a single repetitive stroke or thrust; a females requires a combination and variety of caresses, touches, poundings etc.