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Decision making and consequences
Genetic preferences
the origin of morality
Cultural survival of the fittest
Societal survival of the fittest
Immigration and inclusivity
Laws and culture

Eugenics and diversity
Sexual selection
Forced breeding
Rape and forced marriages
Restoring male authority
Returning to polygamy

serial monogamy
Why you should try to reproduce
How big families benefit children
How we should view children
Early sex and pair bonding
Teen pregnancies
Government spending
Government funding
Pure elite rule
the vintologi legislature law
About government power
consequences of successfully limiting government power
The vintologi power law
cruel and unusual punishments
Punishing problematic people
Gladiator games
Soul purification
The value of human life
Abortions and infanticide
Polycentric law
The futility of limited government
The fear of death is a threat to liberty
About checks and balances to power
Mental fitness
Mass-voting doesn’t work
When democracy fail
Objective elite rule
Vintologi Churches
Building Vintologi Communities
Living as a minority
Gaining political power
You cannot just ignore bad genetics
You cannot just run from societal problems
Hate & love
War morality
Human races
Genetic engineering
Survival of the fittest
Medical quackery
About psychiatry
Medical Autonomy
About individual rights
Circumvention individual rights
Due process
About conscription
The right to vote
The right to keep and bear arms
Inclusion criteria for individual rights
free speech
About paranoia
Critical thinking
About being open-minded
About the burden of proof
About the free market of ideas
Legitimate vs false authority
Ignorance and the lemming mentality
Science vs religion
Vintologi compared to nazism
About christianity
Improving your mental abilities
About self confidence
Sex work
Extracting resources from males
Some people need a male to take care of them
pregnancy and childbirth
Pain and hardships
Living as male
Being an alpha male
Reproducing as a male
Living as a female
Reproducing as a woman
Reproduction via deception

Dealing with gender roles
About transsexualism
How medical transition affects mating options
How to transition
Life outcomes of people that transition
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning
Who actually benefit from transitioning?
long term outcomes
Why do some people regret transitioning?

Medical transition and reproduction
How society benefits from people transitioning
Forced feminization

Genetic clowns
The eugenics hierarchy
Free market eugenics
There is no master race
About national socialism
The holocaust
The Jews
Preserving and building wealth
Nice guys finish last
About political activism
Decentralized political activism
About political terrorism
How to actually make the world a better place
About immaterial property
About high technology
Nature & environment
Climate change
Madman theory
Military might and defense
Imperialism and globalism
Space colonization
Interplanetary reincarnation
Our universe
Mechanism for reincarnation
Classical theories of consciousness
Quantum theories of consciousness
Free will
the flow of time
Special relativity and reincarnation
The body switch effect

Reincarnating as a human
The infinite chain proof of reincarnation
About past life memories

A unified theory of physics is needed
Can any god exist?
About your personality
How to manipulate and control people
Dealing with bad parents
Parental rescue fantasy
A lot of mental issues are caused by environment
Ignorance is a bliss
About Nihilism
There is no absolute morality
About animal rights
About empathy and compassion
About degeneracy
About the left
About paternalism
Too which degree should parents have power over their children?
Why age of consent above 13 is dysgenic
Mental abilities and sexual consent
Child/teen marriages
Fucking teens/children
The emotional reaction
You suffer if other people have dysfunctional brains
People view dysfunctional governments as the norm
About countries you dont live in
Our civilization will fall
Embracing vintologi
Simple rules to follow in your personal life
Healthy living

Non-reproductive sexual activities
About contraceptives
Disease prevention

About capitalism
Central planning & Control
Artificial intelligence

Homo sapiens superior
Refuting Arguments for AoC > 13


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thus boys getting abused is less of a concern unless it's males of high expected value for society
Expected is the average you get when you calculate the possible outcomes multiplied by the probability of said outcome.

Then you compare that to what you get from boys that got abused and thus potentially ended up with issues later in life impairing their ability to be useful for society.

"Less of a concern" is not the same as "no concern" or "little concern".
If the boy is emotionally weak he might end up killing himself or generally failing in life, this may actually be a good thing.
It's unclear if this is a good method of eugenics but the idea is that if you subject people to trauma you will be able to breed a more mentally strong population due to people failing to reproduce when not being able to handle the trauma well.

The issue is that even if this would work it would be a costly form of eugenics due to the big negative impact in terms of productivity.



While this system is solid enough to potentially work when she is 13 or older using it to select partners for females would be very costly in terms of resources. By allowing females to select their own partner(s) from 13 we reduce the load on the courts allowing them to instead focus on protecting important children from bad parents.

Usually once she is able to get pregnant she is already mentally developed enough to make decent decisions when it comes to partner selection, this reduces the need to have arranged marriages from early age.

This isn't just for marriage, similar rules will apply in the case of medical decisions and other important decisions.


Shortly after the publication the following video was released by PBS spacetime looking into the free will question

While he did do a better job covering the topic than Sabine Hossenfelder he still failed to get into the real question of conscious vs unconscious free will.


Free will and criminal 'justice'
People have the wrong idea about punishments, it's about social control, it's not about fairness.

If your child get killed via murder no punishment is going to bring your child back so you will never see real justice. Punishment can serve multiple purposes
  1. deter people from doing actions you dislike.
  2. rehabilitate people
  3. prevent criminals from continue doing things you view as bad.
  4. personal gain (such as having someone reduced to being your slave with no rights).
  5. mob satisfaction (such as people cheering as someone is publicly caned).
  6. societal good (such as forced medical experiments for science).
None of these require that you could have made another decision (such as not killing).
Let's say we have a pedophile that will rape children compulsively (he cannot control himself) does that mean we shouldn't sentence him? of course not.

Ideally a dangerous individual should be locked up before he is able to harm others. Requiring formal conviction of a crime does add some legal certainty but even then they can probably find some crime to pin on the individual.

People with mental illness are arrested and sent to prison in disproportionate numbers. The police often arrest these individuals for petty crimes such as jaywalking or wandering behavior as a preventive law and order measure.

Here is a case of law enforcement going out of their way to lock people up because they are viewed as mentally ill, people viewed as mentally ill can also be subjected to forced injections "Community Treatment Order" even if they were not convicted of any crime.

Personally i think people overestimate the ability to medically treat criminality, you can mostly impair the individual (castration, forced SRS, lobotomy, etc) to make him less dangerous. There are some promising result regarding chemical castration to treat pedophilia but that will cause severe health issues unless the missing testosterone is replaced with estrogen.

Does free will even matter?
Individual: probability of crime X.

A: 0.1%
B: 1%
C: 10%
D: 100%

In this case D couldn't have done anything other than the crime and this actually indicate he is a dangerous individual that needs to be locked up. A would be far less likely to re-offend.

ErwinFurwinPurrwin wrote:

Therapeutic incarceration has got much lower recidivism rates than the traditional punitive kind in Scandinavia. I forget specifically which country or countries at the moment, but regardless of the free will VS determinism debate, it's hard to argue with the results of treating people as if they were simply products of their nature and nurture rather than just judging them to be inherently "bad" people who just somehow arbitrarily, spontaneously (?) decided to be a burden on society. Long story short, put the debate on the back burner and focus on what gets the best results.

timbgray wrote:

Yes, moral responsibility is redundant. You are responsible for your actions regardless of whether you could have done otherwise in the sense that you open yourself to rehabilitation or even isolation if your actions harm or are likely to harm others. Now what constitutes appropriate consequences is another question entirely.


Animals that act in a way not ideal for survival and reproduction may end up being replaced by animals that make better decisions in terms of survival and reproduction.

Thus over time evolution enforces a darwinian morality meaning people are forced to adapt to the environment. People that break laws may end up jailed or even killed and this will create evolutionary pressure not to break these laws.
No animal is even close to ideal when it comes to behaving ideally in terms of survival and reproduction and humans are not an exception. Big brains consume a lot of energy and intelligence may not even result in people doing better in terms of reproduction, instead they may use that intelligence to cheat the reward system such as by using contraceptives instead of having reproductive sex.

Considering the limits when it comes to the ability of genes to affect behaviour directly a quicker mechanism is needed to allow people to adapt to the environment and that is society/culture, how people behave does depend a lot on culture and the society they live in. Some cultures/societies will be more fit and thus grow while others die out over time.


Audio recordings
A full audio version of the vintologi bible is currently, instead shorter recordings where made that do not fully follow the text

0. What we ought to do
1. societal survival of the fittest
2. eugenics


Aoc 13 is based and in a lot of countries, its really disrespectful to other countries and rather narcissistic to act like you know better than other older and wiser humans of this world. Aoc getting raised is a relatively recent phenomenon in this history of humanity, it has not been proven effective in creating stable societies, quote the opposite, it always results in widespread infertility and low birthrates. You are simply behaving like a normie that has been brainwashed by puritan religion, and yes the puritanism is so deeply ingrained in western consciousness that even non religious people obey and conform to the puritan dogmas.

To wit, a lot of the other things you say are ingrained in puritan ideals. Although to be fair, I have to take the middle ground because I do think you are right about a couple things. I don't think war is ideal for humanity, but just a remnant of our chimpanzee ancestors dna programming. War is dysgenic because it usually kills off the bravest and most fit males. On the other hand, forced feminization is actually much more progressive than your current puritan social ideals you seem trapped within. Our current society punishes criminals by either executing them or locking them in a cage, force feminization will allow a better criminal justice system and give criminals a chance to reform without reducing their quality of life. The current system is some kind of petty ego trip where people want petty revenge on criminals instead of thinking about the greater good.

To wit, I don't agree with marrying 9 year olds, that is too young for them to make a rational decision about marriage. On the other hand, whether or not vintologi is a pedophile, using that as an argument is a logical fallacy, it is irrelevant to the original topic of agp, so pointing that out to try to win the argument is a logical fallacy. In rational debate you are not allowed to point out character flaws of a person, it does not count as a debate argument, especially when the personality trait is not that much related to the topic at hand.

As far as the other thing, rape is not inherently bad and neither is violence. Severely toxic terfs should be raped as punishment for being transphobic. And bigots who physically attack transfolk should be responded to harshly with violence. Rape and violence is bad if it happens to good people, but not bad if it happens to bad people. Afiak Vintologi doesn't want to treat all women as property, only criminal females. Our current system treats criminals as property anyway, I wonder if you protest that.
In most countries you can get locked up for being just suspected of a crime or being viewed as mentally ill.

So if we want females to have more children we can just invent a mental disorder "utirexia" and have them subjected to forced breeding. I would not be surprised if this ended up happening in some countries like poland and hungary.


The amount of totalitarianism in a society has an equilibrium point. If you restrict the power of the government you end up with lower-level totalitarian control instead 25 26 27
United states has a system where the jury has to be unanimous to convict, this at first seem to mean you will be safer from authorities but that also means it will be near impossible to convict a police officer abusing/killing someone.

Furthermore you can end up with a dispute between 2 individuals and then you there will be at least one loser of the case.

Instead the proposed solution is to allow members of the jury to appeal and that the ruling elite will prioritise rulings with more appeals from jury members.