Version 30 of the vintologi bible has been published


Decision making and consequences
Genetic preferences
the origin of morality
Cultural survival of the fittest
Societal survival of the fittest
Immigration and inclusivity
Laws and culture
Eugenics and diversity
Sexual selection
Forced breeding
Rape and forced marriages
Restoring male authority
Returning to polygamy
motherhoodthe vintologi legislature law
serial monogamy
Why you should try to reproduce
How big families benefit children
How we should view children
Early sex and pair bonding
Teen pregnancies
Government spending
Government funding

Pure elite rule
Televised elimination games
stealth elite rule
Individuals vs the state
the vintologi legislature law
The source of state power
consequences of successfully limiting government power
The vintologi power law
cruel and unusual punishments
Punishing problematic people
Humans as property
Gladiator games
Soul purification
The value of human life
Abortions and infanticide

Polycentric law
The futility of limited government

The fear of death is a threat to liberty
About checks and balances to power
Mental fitness
Mass-voting doesn’t work
When democracy fail
Selecting people for elections/sortition
Vintologi Churches
Building Vintologi Communities
Living as a minority
Gaining political power
You cannot just ignore bad genetics
You cannot just run from societal problems
Hate & love
War morality
Human races?
Genetic engineering
Survival of the fittest
Medical quackery
About psychiatry
Medical Autonomy
About individual rights
Circumvention individual rights
Due process
About conscription
The right to vote
The right to keep and bear arms
Inclusion criteria for individual rights
free speech
About paranoia
Critical thinking
About being open-minded
About the burden of proof
About the free market of ideas

The overspecialization problem
The educational industry
Legitimate vs false authority
Why you cannot trust doctors in general
How to do your own research
Ignorance and the lemming mentality
Science vs religion
Why you cannot just rely on hard logic and evidence
vs christianity vs nazism
About christianity
Improving your mental abilities
About self confidence
Sex work
Extracting resources from males
Some people need a male to take care of them
pregnancy and childbirth
Pain and hardships
Living as male
Being an alpha male
Reproducing as a male
Living as a female
Reproducing as a woman
Reproduction via deception
Dealing with gender roles
Biological sex
About transsexualism
How medical transition affects mating options
How to transition
Estrogenized male vs trans female
Medical transition and reproduction
Other reasons to stop HRT
Facial Feminization Surgery
Life outcomes of people that transition
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning
Who actually benefit from transitioning?
Multivariate regression: HRT is beneficial
long term outcomes
Why do some people regret transitioning?
How society benefits from people transitioning
Forced feminization
Genetic clowns
The eugenics hierarchy
Indirect eugenics
There is no master race
About national socialism
The holocaust
The Jews
Preserving and building wealth
Nice guys finish last
About political activism
Decentralized political activism
About political terrorism
How to actually make the world a better place
About immaterial property
About high technology
Nature & environment
Climate change
Madman theory
Military might and defence
Imperialism and globalism
Space colonization
Interplanetary reincarnation
Our universe
Mechanism for reincarnation
Classical theories of consciousness
Quantum theories of consciousness
Free will
Free will and criminal justice
Rational character vs rational decision
the flow of time
Special relativity and reincarnation

Reincarnating without death
Is your consciousness universal?
Reincarnating as a human
About past life memories
The infinite chain proof of reincarnation
A unified theory of physics is needed
Can any god exist?
About your personality
How to manipulate and control people
Dealing with bad parents
Parental rescue fantasy
A lot of mental issues are caused by environment
Ignorance is a bliss
About Nihilism
There is no absolute morality
About animal rights
About empathy and compassion
About degeneracy
About the left
About paternalism
Parenting & custody
Child discardance & adoption
Child/teen marriages
Fucking teens/children

The emotional reaction
You suffer if other people have dysfunctional brains
People view dysfunctional governments as the norm
About countries you don't live in
Our civilization will fall
Embracing vintologi
Simple rules to follow in your personal life
Healthy living
Non-reproductive sexual activities
About contraceptives
Disease prevention

Publicly traded companies
Central banking
Central planning & Control
Artificial intelligence
Homo sapiens superior
Why age of consent above 13 is dysgenic
Mental abilities and sexual consent
The teen sex experience
Refuting Arguments for AoC > 13


I noticed that there were some issues with version29 (such as promoting libertarian nonsense) so i decided to make a new version with more authoritarianism.

I believe that the information and conclusions provided are largely correct. It's just that humans will have a hard time accepting these things, we prefer just sweeping these uncomfortable realities under the rug pretending that we have a society where peoples rights are being respected even though the reality is very different from that.

Version 30 largely adds support to conclusions already reached in version 29 (such as providing more data regarding teen pregnancies). 10 more numbered links were added in total in addition to many references that were not numbered.

One important topic not currently covered is what an ideal future society would look like., i think it's very hard for us now trying to figure that out in the first place since we do not hold the resources available to the future world-senators and we also do not have the option to just try out various policies to figure out what actually works.

I do think the conclusions reached in the vintologi bible could help humanity make earth a better place for humans to live on in addition to increasing the chances of colonizing other planets.


How political conclusions are reached
Vintologi unlike many other intellectual works regarding politics does not depend on pre-existing political beliefs to reach the conclusions it does. Instead conclusions are reached from the laws of nature itself in particular evolution (not just genetic) over time enforcing certain behaviours/policies.

These conclusion will depend on things like what technology is available. For example if we have artificial wombs able to alone make babies at a large scale then there is no need to forcefully impregnate females when we can just use artificial wombs to increase the fertility-rate when needed.

The policies also depend heavily on whether or not it's a society that controls the entire planet (or very close to it) or if it's a society in competition with other societies. If we control the entire planet then the focus should be space colonization and making earth a nice place to be born at as a human which requires very different policies than when you have to build a strong enough state to gain control over the entire planet (while being in competition with other societies).

So why should we care about making an earth a good place to live in if we are going to reincarnate on earth?

Well evolution will naturally favor humans who plan ahead for the future and this will naturally extend to future lives as well and if intelligence is selected for it will also lead to behavior for the sake of well-being rather than just max reproductive success with every decision. It's in the interest of society to make sure intelligence is selected, intelligence often result in people going away from maximizing their reproductive success such as being smart enough to use contraceptives 'correctly' when you just want sex and not children.

It's actually in the interests of everyone to make sure others have genetics like that since then you will live better lives in upcoming lives.


Cultural and political survival of the fittest
People have a personal incentive to push for political policy and culture that is personally beneficial for them. For this reason mainstreain moral views are very often not actually beneficial for society or the individuals following that.

For example older females will benefit personally from pushing the notion that sex with young girls would be wrong since these young girls are competition for them. Of course many older females do have young female children which they do have an evolutionary incentive to care about but many older females are childless.

Over time cultures and political ideologies that are great at propogating themselves will become increasingly dominant. What's good in terms of getting prominent in a relatively free democratic society may not however actually be great in terms of actually making society competitive.


Commercial survival of the fittest
Companies that do not pursue profit/power will be outcompeted/marginalized relative to companies who to pursue profit/power.

So while we cannot assume that companies will always maximize profit competition will enforce behaviour of companies that is good in terms of their own finances.

Still many corporations will make bad decisions and go under, this has happened many times before and it will keep happening.


Of course the genetic interest argument could be continued indefinitely, what if your sister or identical twin is planning to do an abortion/infanticide?
One way to resolve that is to allow someone to stop an abortion if he/she is willing and able to raise the child themselves (covering costs, etc). The society could make this more likely to happen by giving more support to parents willing to raise children the mother didn't want.

The father of the child in particular might very much want to raise the child and in these cases allowing abortion is often very questionable.