Very interesting the amount of games I played on my xbox one


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I loved the xbox 360 and rented a lot of games from 2010-2012 until the rental store closed down, last xbox 360 game I rented from them was Borderlands 2, which was at boxing day, they ripped me off, since it was Tuesday it should have been $2, but it cost me $5 because they said it was public holiday, even my father thought that was bullshit, it still pisses me off a little. But it was a great store, sorry to say it went bankrupt like all the blockbusters in America. It says I got 125 games when it was 10/12/12 and it slowly went up until 21/2/2014 where it was at 200 because I was playing cheap xbox 360 games from eb games, I mostly played rented games before the rental store closed down, usually two a week. Keep in mind I played offline games and almost never want online on my xbox 360.

First time I went online was late 2012 to play Ridge Racer Unbounded and second time was to download and play Prey, The Darkness and Dirt 2. I also played Dark Souls, but that's because I had my main account corrupted somehow and couldn't access it so I got a second account and played Dark Souls with that, unfortunately I've lost that account now, I remember what it's called, but have no way to get it back. I didn't go online from then on with my main account, until I got my xbox one. I was playing xbox 360 and also original xbox games for two whole years, never went online, also lost my laptop for a while and went online to browse websites and watch youtube with my wii, that was a wierd experience. But then getting xbox one in 16/6/2916 and the total games was at 225, only went up 25 games in more than two years, mainly because I was playing xbox original games, as well as wii games and PC games on steam, for 2014, 2015 and most of 2016. My laptop was pretty shit though and I hated most of the games I played on steam, except for Age of Empires 2 HD and the first Warhammer 40K Dawn of War.

After that I played xbox one steadily and got so many free games from games with gold and xbox gamepass/EA Access as well as free to play weekends. I do own about 275 digital games and also had some xbox physical games but I sold them all since I own an Xbox series S now and went digital only. I owned less than 40 physical games and a lot of them are also on xbox gamepass or I bought digitally. I think hardly any physical games that I owned that aren't on gamepass or I don't own digitally. Maybe just AC Origins and Odyssey, Far Cry 4, Primal and New Dawn (I own 5 and all DLC digitally) and Titan Quest, which I also owned on Steam, I didn't like it on both platforms, but I generally like Diablo style games. Also Agents of Mayhem and Witcher 3.

Now my rate of games I have played has risen very steadily until it hit 875 in 10/11/2021, keep in mind I play plenty of games and then get bored of them quickly and quit them, I am NOT an achievement hunter/completionist. A lot of people on trueachievements are, but I don't care about that, my completion score is complete rubbish, and that's fine, if a game is bad I don't want to waste any more time on it, I spend enough time gaming now anyway.
Avoiding achievements is a good thing. They promote the chasing of artificial achievements over compelling gameplay. As of now I have not really thought much about gaming in general since I stopped playing League of Legends.


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Forgot to say I owned Overwatch physical and Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles 4 as well on xbox one and sold them all. Tales of vesperia was on gamepass for a while, and it was a pretty boring game since I already finished it on xbox 360 and I don't like replaying JRPG games, I don't like Valkyria Chronicles either, and I had the first on ps3 and also didn't lke that one. They had nice graphics, but boring gameplay, it was too slow paced and you couldn't aim your weapons and shoot like in Gears of War, it was very boring, it would be so much better with Gears of War style gameplay, but Japs don't make those types of games. And I don't own Overwatch anymore either. But I might buy it digital if it really does get all the Overwatch 2 multiplayer maps and characters as they are claiming as I don't care about OW2, they're going to make the singleplayer third person and it will probably suck.
I finished with my PC games other than just gacha idle games which I can leave on while just bumming around and wasting time I guess I can watch anime while playing them, they all have idle mode so I don't need to concentrate on them, might seem weird but I find them relaxing and easy to play, only have five of them on my laptop installed right now, I am done with all other games on PC other than Diablo 3, which I also like. From now on I'll just play only xbox games. I used to own Nintendo and Sony systems, but I'm never going to buy them ever again.