Virginia won't decide elections by drawing lots anymore


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I was reading this little blurb from a news article about how they're going to use special elections instead of random chance to break ties:

There’s one word that comes to mind when Del. Cia Price thinks about the 2017 election in which the 94th District winner was determined by pulling a name from a bowl: disenfranchised. “Young, old, black, white, Republicans, Democrats, they were coming up to me in stores while I was holiday shopping and saying, ‘This isn’t right,’’’ Price, a Democrat, said in early February when presenting her bill to a House subcommittee meeting.
Those dummies. Most of the people showing up to vote in a special election will be Republicans, because anytime there's a low turnout election, they're typically the ones who have their act together, in terms of knowing where and when they need to vote. Democrats are more likely to only show up to the high-profile elections. At least when they were drawing names out of a bowl, they had a 50-50 chance; now it's going to go to the Republicans every time, probably.