What legacy can you try to leave, in 2019?


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The problem is, everything we can try to achieve, people will try to tear down so that we leave no legacy. If you try to leave behind offspring, your lineage is just gonna die off by attrition, unless maybe you become a sperm donor or something to try to propagate your genetics at the wholesale rather than retail level. In the long run, it's not gonna be possible to sustain a fertility rate of >2.1 in your family unless you're part of a Haredi or Mormon population, and even they have a rate that's barely above replacement (Utah's fertility rate is 2.29 births per woman, the highest in the nation).

If you go to university, you have to keep your mouth shut about your political and cultural beliefs, to keep from getting charged with hate speech or threatening or harassing speech or whatever. If you want to have a website, you have to censor yourself to keep from getting shoahed. At any rate, the more "authoritative" sites like Wikipedia are scrubbed of politically incorrect users and content.

So it's just hard to leave anything of meaning or value behind. It wouldn't be that much less productive to just sit around playing vidya and getting high.