When PUA realize it’s about looks.


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Then their market crumbles. They succeeded for a short period of time because they configurate niche scams, only because the best scammers are running more successful businesses.

In the broader scam world, people like Peterson dominate the “self help” market, people like Tony Robbins are the biggest players and the small PUA bloggers can do noting against such powerful competitors.

What David DeAngelo said about information scams is that you must individuate a market need and then scam people.

The issue is, that PUA guys are amateurs, they cannot compete against the monopolists of the scam industry so they relied on niche markets like the gulliblesphere (manosphere).

Now that most guys admit it’s about looks, then the work of PUA is not needed anymore because there are better alternatives out there.

Diet scams are run by professionals, training and gymcelling are sectors occupied by people who are established scammers, and seduction does not exist anymore. Today what sells are the big giant scams like Peterson.

PUA are dead.