why I decided not to buy MK1


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main reason I got MK11 was cause Cassie cage was so hot.
that is why I even got the nintendo switch.

but MK1 has gone woke!
they uglified the foid characters and replaced their slut gear with face masks
and 80's wrestling leotards.

total boner kill.

have you seen Tanyas face? it looks like the Bogdanof face.

Ed Boon really fucked up on this one, putting woke EGS score over clients.

if you ask for 110$ per game, I ask for hot blond chicks in slut gear with tit jiggle mechanics.

as for my fighting game, I'll just play Alice gear aegis instead.

I will use MK1s saved money for star ocean 2 probably.


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are you sure it is woke? I checked online the characters to see if youre right, but doesnt seem they are really different than usual.