Why old titles are better


Modern games tend to tfall into 2 categories

1. Tightly controlled experience to make sure you can only beat it the intended way and it will be all about giving the one playing it an easy time.
2. open world but boring, you dont actually do much, typically easy, far cry 2 was easy to beat at the hardest difficulty.

With older titles they were more willing to fuck over the player and they didn't put effort into stopping players from finding quicker ways to win.

WIth the first zelsa you could just go anywhere and they didn't try to restrict the player.

With zelda a link to the past they had the early parts of the game restricted but as you progressed you got more freedom to beat the dungeons in any order. With zelda twilight princess you had to beat all temples in a specific order and it was also story focused, it didn't get better until zelda breath of the wild which i havn't played.

Most games will fail to properly challange your brain and thus they are a waste of time. If you want a proper challange professional gambling such as poker is there for you (you can build up a bankroll from zero).


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In the first Final Fantasy, different areas had different difficulties of monsters, so you just naturally had to stay out of certain areas if you wanted to survive encounters, till you leveled up enough or obtained the necessary equipment.

Plus, for example, you had to obtain a certain vehicle to go certain places; e.g. there were islands that didn't have seaports, so you needed to get an airship to go there; but the item necessary to get the airship was guarded by a monster that could instantly kill anyone who hadn't leveled up enough to have 300 HP. Similar kind of situation with the canoe, which was needed to traverse rivers, or the ship, which was needed to go on the ocean.

Plus, there were certain obstacles that required you to defeat some enemy before you could proceed past them; for example, to get the TNT to build a canal through the isthmus, you needed to get the key to unlock the door to the room that held the TNT; or to get past a guard, you had to give him a ruby that came from a chest that was guarded by a vampire; etc.

Come to think of it, wasn't Zelda kinda that way; e.g. to get to a certain labyrinth, you needed a raft that came from a dungeon. And Simon's Quest has some similar mechanics as well; e.g. you're only allowed to level up past certain levels in certain areas of the game (e.g. you can't just stay near the beginning and kill those enemies; you have to proceed to later dungeons and kill those enemies, to keep gaining experience), which is kinda like how in Final Fantasy, you have to complete a certain quest in order to unlock powers beyond a certain point.


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We could create a new RPG game.

Here some ideas.

Classes are: Chad (warrior), Wizard (incel mage), Ranger (Cucktears member), Paladin (pussywhipped cuck), Sorcerer (The greedy Jew), Bard (PUA mass approacher), Berserk (ER, CHO and Lepine).

Items: Lotions of Minoxidil, Finasteride, Injections of T, proteins, looksmaxing items in general.

Weapons: Glock, Chad’s club, Virgin knife, etc...

The game could use D&D ruleset.