Why would we elect chicks to Congress, when they don't really care about the big picture?


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Most chicks that I know of, don't really care much about the big picture. When I was 15, I was reading books and trying to figure out how to start a tech-utopia, and debating possibilities online. What chick does that with any seriousness? The mode they gravitate toward is letting some man support them, while they take care of family. Or, they gravitate toward working some corporate job and taking care of their nephews or nieces, or being a single mom with one kid, or if they do embrace an ideology, it's usually to rationalize the ways in which they seek their own personal gain, or to exact revenge against men for not being better fathers.

Chicks, if they have any ideas about how the world should be different, usually are content to leave it up to their sons to actually bring about a better world. And they don't actually care about changing the world by making personal sacrifices that will bring that about, other than the sacrifices they make for their family.

The legislature branch is supposed to pursue some grand vision of change. Think Newt Gingrich's Contract with America. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_with_America

Chicks' ideas are usually to give women the same powers as men (e.g. via the Equal Rights Amendment) or give them ways of claiming victimhood and thereby fucking men over. Some chicks will say, "Yeah I think marital rape laws are bullshit" but those are never the chicks running for high public office. (Also, the same chicks who say that, may at some point alleged marital rape against their husband if he isn't bringing in enough betabuxx.)
You are not getting to the root of the problem if you think females running for congress is anything close to a fundamental flaw with the system.

People in congress only need to vote corrently often enough, they dont need to come up with any new ideas themselves, they can copy that from other people.

Most people in a parliament will just follow their party.