You know why Zesto wanted to destroy this site?


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It's because he feels envious about the fact that he has never been able to have a site with any high-IQ posters. He's not really that much of an intellectual himself, so he doesn't get along with intellectuals. And when he sees people getting complimented for being high-IQ, he gets mad that they're upstaging him and attracting glory he'd rather be the one to have.

Zesto would rather people say, "Wow, the incelosphere has really failed," rather than, "Wow, Zesto's branch of the incelosphere has really failed." He's rooting for the failure of sites like this because his own sites failed, and so if this site succeeded, he would look bad. That's also the reason he tried to get rid of RGIF.


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He is a deranged narcisist who always has to be the center of attention and have everyone suck up to him despite him being a mentally ill untalented nutjob.