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    Should all trannies become sex workers?

    They already swallowed all their pride by becoming a girl, they have nothing to lose
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    Looksmaxxing is just a *useless* form of transmaxxing

    Looksmaxxers are mentally ill and should be treated as such. If you have a friend who wants to looksmax you shouldnt validate his mental illness. You should recommend proper treatment (estrogen injections) Incels are incels, ugly are ugly. If an incel gets lefort 3 + jaw implants, you shouldnt...
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    Looksmaxxing is just a *useless* form of transmaxxing

    Transitioning to become chad. Ofc this isnt possible, so why do incels still try to do it? Even if transitioning into chad was possible, incels will never have a NT personality --
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    List easy tranny winning arguments

    Only 25-30% of MtF trannies attempt suicide in their lifetime (self harm like cutting counts as suicide attempt) This shuts down the " 40% suicide rate" propaganda -- specifically this Autogynephilia, an erotic interest in the thought or...
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    Incel ideology is so weak

    Vintologi is 10000% right about trannymaxxing .
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    Incel ideology is so weak

    Ugly incels cant develop homosexuality because homosexuality requires superior being an attractive male.
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    Incel ideology is so weak

    Any mention of homosexuality or trannies on sergent's websites = instant PERMA ban. Their ideology crumbles with faggot posting, so they ban (faggot posting). Incel isnt a real thing
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    Good thing you have Sarge watching your back, Zesto

    who is this "larson" guy?!
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    Zesto was never really a rapecel

    rape theory
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    Incels can be self sufficent

    Unfortunately kn*jjd is a self hating faggot who wont let this happen
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    Incels can be self sufficent

    Framecels can trannymax and the other incels can roid (to develop homosexual tendancies) and fuck the framecels. Inceldom isnt a real thing
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    Even if an incel fully "looksmaxxes" . . .

    100k down the drain and he'll always have a weak, submissive personality. Trannymaxxing is the only legit option for incels, forming a feminine personality is easy