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    uma musume won't connect

    This is a general issue with games dependent on a central server. They can just shut it down without warning and then the game usually becomes totally unplayable since making server emulation work is extremely difficult without assistance from the publisher.
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    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    He is dead for real now He reallly threw his life away for nothing. Mayne he was beated to death by an inmate.
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    rate this baddie

    Making females pregnant is great, you spread your superior DNA. Watching her give birth to your child seems fun.
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    The realities of war

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    The MRA and MGTOW fraud

    "Turd flinging monkey" is a moron He is a deplatformed MGTOW cuck who promotes having sex with a doll instead of oursuing biological reproduction. He vastly overstates the risks you take by reproducing with a female and often gives outright terrible advice. He still thinks Russia is winning in...
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    is it normal I don't want to go to escorts ?

    Not wanting to go to escorts is fairly normal but robosexuality isn't. Paying for condom sex is cucked. Paying for sex when she is on birth control is also kinda cucked.
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    Is PS4/xbone actually holding back gaming?

    First person adcenture game were you explore another planet, do o platforming, sneak up to enemies, use a sniper, etc.
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    New nvidia GPUs coming soon?

    Price prediction Rather than delaying the launch nvidia is likely to launch 4090 (and maybe also 4080ti and 4090ti) at a such high price that people will keep buying the 3000 series. here is my guess (prices when 4000 series arrives) if their is no significant AMD competition 4090ti: 2699$...
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    Game consoles are becoming pointless

    Especially sony like to censor games. The sone 'exclusives' seem overrated to me, mostly third person advanture with mediocre gameplay. Cannot you just buy games from steam/epic/whatever? It was on the way out but especially sony (thanks to Mark Cerny) provided good hardware design giving...
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    My Current Diet.

    Cut out the supplements, they will not be needed unless your diet is bad. Supplements tend to be expensive and thet are also unregulated. You don't really know if they are going to work for you. If your diet isn't sufficient and you try to supplement you might also miss something.
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    My Current Diet.

    Animal products tend to be higher in nutrient density and bioavailability for these nutrients. Animal products are also easier to get in its natural state while plants people eat has been subjected to extensive selective breeding almost without exception. Nuts are calorie dense and doesn't...
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    Are a Percent of Self-Proclaimed Humans Robots in Disguise?

    This comes to mind: On a serious note; i don't think this current technology is even close to capable enough to pull that off IRL, at best you can fool some people with a chat-bot.
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    I've grown weary of games that feel like a job

    Games can challange you by requirering skill or grind. Example of skill games games Chess Go Trackmania Fortnite Kaizo mario romhacks. But skill-based games might still push you to grind to improve or to eventually beat by getting it right (when you lack consistency).
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    is this a Tranny?

    Nothing reliable but her face, arms and legs look AMAB.
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    is this a Tranny?

    She doesn't have an adams apple so it might just be a cis female with some male facial features. Cis hons do exist. In this case you cannot actually tell just looking at these photos. My guess is that she was born male but that might be wrong.