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    The spiritual masculinity is an absurdity

    Its the cis equivalent of the "i am really a girl becuase i act like one" its stupid and idiotic. "Alphamale trapped in betamale body". "Chad trapped in a virgin body".
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    About "self-help"

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    The vintologi theory of consciousness

    I just started listening
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    what waifubot would adolf like

    She will mostly be into females except for the humiliation that come from being fucked by a male, especially if his dick is really big.
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    Feminazis try to argue girls shouldn't send men nudes

    I can think of 2 examples where females tried to hook me with sex even though made it clear i wanted children and they didn't, they probably assumed i would cave but then they realized i wouldn'f and decided to ghost me. If you dont know here real identity it would be difficult to hurt her in...
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    I wonder what an injection actually feels like

    I suspect you will not actually feel much, it's still kinda scary, usually the entire length will be inserted with intramuscular injections. I dont remember what an injection feels like, i want to do one at one point but i wonder what if anything that will be.
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    [Poll] Do you have any friends?

    What does it even mean to have a friend? What it's a cousin? Online friendships?
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    Submissive horny bitch

    You can recruit people to join for me
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    Submissive horny bitch

    Can you write "i converted to vintologi" on your body wearing only panties, take picture
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    What, you don't like FeminismIsCancer?

    He has a history of being a reliable guy so its not too surprising.