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    [based] menthos commercial

    No you end up in a jail-cell so any "happyness" will be short-lived.
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    Issues with capitalism

    Even on an even playing field a big actor will still have an advanrage due to scale, especially when it comes to intellectual property.
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    [java] int to roman numeral conversions

    Its a bit interesting how a such clumbersome system lives on to that extent.
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    Sex on HRT (compilation) Yes HRT will let you have female orgasms, it will feel really good. The following stories were taken from reddit, they will be given credit as authors if they ask for that. I just had the BEST ORGASM EVER I just had the best orgasm I ever and I really wanna tell...
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    About covid-19 lockdowns

    Trump supporters are now winning darwin awards.
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    People are trying to get this site shut down

    I am going to spice this website up a little more. I need to verify my hosting company will not deplatform me for writing controversial stuff before renewing my subscription for hosting (1 year).
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    Originally it was about showing you are submissive and not dangerous by being a clown. Good humor is about making fun if someone (such as yourself) you laughing as someone is failing, being dominated/humiliated.
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    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    I find it interesting how people keep trusting that guy. He tried manipulating me into giving back server access to FiC even though there were zero reasons for me to do that. Its a good policy to minimize the number of people who can screw you over, less is better.
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    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    Administrators can see IP adresses for all users, they also have near omnipotent power, you might need backup files to restore the website if one of them go crazy. Its not like reddit where all mod actions are reversible. This is why this forum only have one administrator.
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    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    He was talking about killing himself via dehydration earlier, not sure to which degree he was serious about suicide, if he really wanted to die he would have been dead by now.
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    2021 has a good vibe

    A lot of feminists want you to fuck dolls, you are not really winning amuthing here. You seriously think the government would allow you to get an artificial womb?
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    'Alternatives' to genetic reproduction

    I heard from someone close to me about 3 cases of adopted children throwing their adoptive parents under the bus. In one case it failed becuase they also had 2 biological children that spoiled the plans. In one case the adoptive moder gifted her house early to her 'daughter' thinking she...
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    Ive been on a diet for a month now

    Dieting is trial and error, it's actually really difficult to figure out what works best for you.
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    Another example of foids being cunts

    I remember reading his motivation for this, the purpose was to blackpill people by letting females there be themselves, it seems like its working.
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    I tried hitting on a work foid

    Why did you cry over getting the expected outcome? Its like crying becuase you played the lottery again and didn't win anything.