Brutal female domination


Technology is making males increasingly obsolete. The male physical strength can be mostly replaced by machines and increasingly AI is reducing the need for male brainpower.

Even without artificial sperm society could kill off 100% of the male population and only use sperm saved in sperm banks, this would of course be far from ideal but it's technically possible.

Task: males needed

Leadership: 0.01%
Reproduction: 1%
Important jobs: 7%
Sex: 17%
Net societal gain: 45%


Dealing with surplus males
The solution is simply to get rid of them. 20% of males will be forcefully transitioned to female (involuntary HRT) when they are young, it's not worth investing resources educating males who clearly cannot make it, another 3% would be forcefully transitioned later in life (due to braking the law).

Males would from age 13 to 21 be subjected to very brutal upbringing by the government, this can be military training or very hard education in stem.

Problematic males can also be used for gladiator games, medical experiments or people having fun owning them as property and abusing them.


Females would be forced/expected to have enough children, especially the ones with valuable genetics.

Effort would be put into saving as much sperm as possible from males, this include males forcefully transitioned to female.

Some males would work as breeders and they would specialize into impregnating females via traditional sex.

95 to 99.5 percent of the male population would die childless.


Preventing male on female crime
A lot of males would never be allowed to freely move. There would be areas (such as islands) specifically for males viewed as dangerous.

Males attacking females would be given given on average 36 times more severe punishment than females attacking males (6 times the punishment of same-sex violence).


Instead of rights based on some arbitrary gender binary there would be many-citizen classes. Higher citizen-class means better rights and that people committing crimes against you would be punished more severely.

A: ruling elite
B: selected citizens
C: free citizens
D: slaves
E: non-citizens
F: enemy of the people.

A0: 35 (high court)
A1: 19 (executive council)
A2: 15 (science board)
A3: 15 (legislature)
A4: 15 (financial board)
A5: 11 (board of education)
A6: 9 (confidential research board)
A7: 7 (board of international affairs)
A8: 7 (board of arts & aesthetics)
A9: 5 (board of recreation).
A10 to A120: 1

B0: first successor to a senator, will attend meetings with other senators.
B1: second successor to a senator.
B2: third successor to a senator.
B3: forth successor to a senator.
B4: successor five to a senator.
B5: successor six to a senator.
B6: successor seven to a senator.
B7: Successor eight to senator.
B8: successor nine to senator.
B9: successor ten to a senator.
B10: official advisor to at least one senator.
B11: members of parliament.
B12: approved for jury duty.

C0: High value female that gave birth to at least 6 of her own children.
C1: very high value male.
C2: high value female that gave birth to at least 2 of her own children (usually former C3).
C3: High value fertile female.
C4: High value female.
C5: high value male
C6: Female (cis or trans).
C7: ordinary male.
C8: free male subjected to an additional monthly tax.

D0: very high value individuals under guardianship/custody (owned by C5 or higher).
D1: high value slave/child (owned by C7 or higher).
D2: slave/child you are not allowed to injure (minor punishments allowed).
D3: slave not allowed to be killed or seriously injure (loss of limb, brain-damage, sterilized, etc).
D4: slave you are not allowed to kill or give serious brain-damage.
D5: slave with no rights.

E0: non-citizen allowed in most of the country
E1: non-citizen allowed in limited parts of the country.
E2: non-citizen not allowed within the country.

Fn: military target of value {F0 value}*10^(n/10)
Most mothers care about their sons
One issue with trying to implement a system of brutal female domination is that most females would actually not be favor of this, especially females with male children.

Most females today seem to be more into gender egalitarianism, if they want female privilege they would still probably not support a system where males are treated very badly by authorities. Therefore brutal matriarchy cannot be particularly democratic since most people are against it, at least today.

Females like this does exist but they are currently a small miniroty and arguably an evolutionary dead end.


Males would want to flee
One obvious issue with this is that many important males would want too flee due to being treated badly. In terms of reproductive success this is just fine but having high quality males leave is far from ideal in terms of societal survival of the fittest.

This is where the citizen-classes come into play, important males would be given C1 citizenship which would give them good rights. Of course many males of worse citizen-class would want to leave but that's not really a problem, of course some will not be able to since they have been reduced to property (D1 to D5).