Current and past human selection


Refuting the incel wiki
They tried arguing against feminist social darwinism but they failed badly.
There is little evidence that female mate choice is beneficial for humanity. Rather, a significant share of women seem to desire anti-social men
They are assuming these traits would be bad for humanity when in reality they are badly needed, how else are your society supposed to win wars and combat crime?

Compassion is now mostly a vestigial evolutionary trait evolved when we were small genetically close tribes, in a modern society being too compassionate is not only an individual liability but also a societal liability since it makes it harder to rid society of it's human burdenhs.
and overall mating success is not associated with various health markers at all.[15]
The study only looked at Salivary immune function, Oxidative stress and Semen quality. It did not look at factors such as obesity or physical fitness.

On the contrary, there is some evidence that certain types of female social equality are potentially dysgenic, at least in terms of intelligence, as intelligence is negatively correlated with fertility among modern samples of Western women.[16]
That is not exactly a new issue. In the following study the number of siblings someone had was negatively correlated with IQ even back in 1895


This data however is before the rabid increase of involuntary celebacy, it's unclear what the relationship between IQ and overall fertility will be when a significant portion of the male population are no longer able to reproduce.

Of course relying on female sexual selection alone probably isn't ideal but that's is what we have now and it's not really something we can realistically change any time soon.


Physical attractiveness and intelligence
Studies show that intelligence is positively correlated with good looks refuting incel ideology.
In the United Kingdom, attractive children are more intelligent by 12.4 IQ points (r = .381), whereas in the United States, the correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness is somewhat smaller (r = .126). The association between intelligence and physical attractiveness is stronger among men than among women in both nations. The association remains significant net of a large number of control variables for social class, body size, and health.


agree with OP ngl. Height and face can legitimately predict your immune response.

Being 6'1 gives best immune response and is also women's most preferred height in a partner jfl:

"Taller men are generally preferred by females and they also have higher reproductive success10. It has been suggested that height may signal status and dominance. In this study we revealed a potential additional benefit associated with stature, as height was positively related to the ability to mount an immune response against a novel antigen. Interestingly, however, this relationship was curvilinear, such that heights of above approximately 185 cm were inversely associated with antibody response."


Online Dating Mysteries Revealed
(Nov. 12) -- Want to get an online date? Keep your messages short.

For men, whites are the most likely to get a response online; Indians the least likely. Among women, Middle Easterners garner the most responses; black women the fewest

Those are among the not-always-politically-correct findings unearthed by the statisticians at OkCupid, a free online dating site started by a group of Harvard graduates armed with math degrees.

The 5-year-old site boasts 1 million active users -- comparable to and eHarmony, two services that require paid subscriptions. Like, OkCupid users can look at any profile they want -- something eHarmony doesn't allow subscribers to do. Like eHarmony, OkCupid's workhorse is a statistical algorithm driven by how users respond to a range of personal, political and religious questions. But unlike eHarmony, which bases questions on the founders' research, OkCupid takes the participatory approach adopted by YouTube and other Web 2.0 sites. Almost all of the questions are submitted by other users, who wind up answering an average of 233 of them.

OkCupid also takes an extra step the other sites don't: sharing information about users' online dating behavior. Earlier this year, the site created a blog to post research, drawing on data from the site, a la Google. Here's a sampling of what the numbers show so far.

Keep Messages Short
The average guy on OkCupid gets one response for about every five messages he sends to different women. Factor in the effort it takes to tailor a message to a specific profile, and brevity is more efficient in landing a date. OkCupid's research suggests that the optimal message length for a guy is 200 characters, or roughly one minute of typing.

For women, it doesn't matter. They get a 40 percent response rate no matter how much they type. Why? The company believes that guys -- not surprisingly -- put much more emphasis on a woman's picture. A woman doesn't need to worry as much about what she says, just that she gets on her potential date's radar. So why waste time? OkCupid recommends women write even shorter messages of about 50 characters when initiating contact.

Interestingly, when looking at same-sex contacts, women-to-women messaging patterns resemble men-to-women behavior, while men-to-men patterns are more consistent with women-to-men message behavior.

Not All E-mail Is Equal
OkCupid analyzed about 500,000 first-contact messages and found these to be among the best strategies for getting a response:

-- Be specific. Mention something in the profile of the person being contacted

-- Avoid net-speak like "ur," "r u," "B4," etc.

-- Don't compliment physical characteristics.

-- Act modest, especially men.

Your Race Matters
The numbers also show that attraction isn't color-blind. To wit:

-- Among males, white guys get the most frequent responses (29 percent of the time) and are least likely to respond (40 percent).

-- Indian men have the worst luck, getting responses only 20 percent of the time.

-- Among females, black women are the most likely to write back to a guy (34 percent) but the least likely to get a response if they initiate contact (34 percent).

-- Middle Eastern women get responses almost half the time, the most of any ethnicity. And even though white guys are pickiest about whom they write back to, they're most likely to respond to Middle Eastern women (47 percent of the time versus an overall response rate of 40 percent).

-- Pretty much across the board, whites are viewed as the most attractive group. This is how different ethnicities answered the following question: "Not to be racist but which ethnicity do you find to be most attractive?"


Your Religion (or Lack Thereof) Matters, Too
Using the word "atheist" actually improves the chances of getting a response; invoking "god" leads to worse-than-average response rates.

-- Agnostics, atheists and Jews of both sexes have the highest match percentages across the site, i.e., they're most likely to find someone they're compatible with. Muslim men and women and Hindu men are the least compatible groups. Christians are in the middle of the pack.

-- Jewish men are more compatible than Muslim men with Muslim women.

Some Other Interesting Results
Europeans are more open than Americans to acting out a rape fantasy with a partner. Within the U.S., Wyoming (of all places) and Nevada are the kinkiest states.

-- West-coasters enjoy casual sex most; Midwesterners the least.

-- People living in warmer states report higher levels of self-confidence.

-- Zodiac signs have no bearing on compatibility.