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    Holodomor Commemoration

    This will increase Ukrainian fervor and I believe that eventually Crimea will be retaken.
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    Holodomor Commemoration

    Hello everyone, I hope that you have been doing well. Recently I was able to attend an event hosted by the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Los Angeles. They were commemorating Holodomor, an event that occurred throughout 1932 - 1933 when the Soviet regime caused the death of millions of Ukrainians...
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    salad spinners

    It seems that it could help mix things better, though I generally find salads not very good to consume. They are too leafy and it's better when they're constituted more with potatoes or starchier foods.
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    Why Lower Birth Rates Are Beneficial: Dispelling Economic Myths

    This is certainly possible but it's much easier to prevent others from reproducing by already being and example and having the free time to not raise children from birth Adopted daughters can very much be real family. I think one part of recognizing reality is seeing that a lot of times...
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    Laurascape Rescue Blog

    In some ways it is true that dogs aren't too useful. I have not had them personally because they do come with some burdens and take lots of responsibility to take care of. However, it is important to take care of the dogs that are already here and many were abandoned and left in poor...
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    i need to land a bullshit job

    These jobs are pretty rare and most people have to work very hard for little earnings. Those who get paid substantial amounts for small amount of work may have inherited the jobs or already been in a wealthy setting. It's important it's made very visible to the masses the lifestyle of wealth and...
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    Societal survival of the fittest

    @Admin Those posts you made were very insightful and shows the deep level of corruption within the Russian state and military. I had read they were supposed to do things like upgrade T-72s every 10 years but a lot of these were said to have taken place but never actually happened, with the...
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    the future I build

    Your plans are very good and will help a lot in reducing the birthrate. It's also important to remember that everything we do is in fact natural as it's a possibility of what can come about, and thus we should avoid natural fallacy if judging if things are good or bad since everything is...
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    I want to fuck all the foids on RuneScape

    They need sex.
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    Why Lower Birth Rates Are Beneficial: Dispelling Economic Myths

    It's possible to have a family without increasing the birth rate. My plan has been to ask people to be my daughter and I now have 4-5 people who are my daughter or in the candidate stage to being so. Through this system it is possible to improve existing life without bringing about new problems.
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    The Clarus Compact

    You could try using a VPN like Mullvad: I have quite a lot of operations to do but I've been willing to show some of my lower body:
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    cold vs hot crypto storage

    It is pretty doable when establishing enough peer-to-peer connections. You can offer to buy Bitcoin from people at 102-104% which is the cost of getting it from an exchange and many will be ready to sell it.
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    Reasons to Donate Blood

    That can be a good reason to donate. Payment should definitely be openly allowed for donating blood to make more people donate, however they can give gift cards which have pretty good value like $25 Amazon cards for 1-2 hours of donation. I do like the feeling after donating and it would be fun...
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    I decided I'm best off for now continuing with PHP for my job and then moving more into management, so I may not be directly learning new programming languages as much anymore. I did some Lisp for a tutoring order once and I didn't like it to much, so many parenthesis.
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    Fast fashion - The shady world of cheap clothing

    This is one of my plans to, to use the funding from the first world to elevate the third world.