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    I wonder what causes foot fetish to form

    It's been said that it's common due to the closeness of feet and genital regions in the brain. But feet are just also a very nice looking body part and my favorite part of the female body.
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    The Coming Military Aid to Ukraine. Did the West Find Out That Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Don’t work?

    They have been slowly taking Bakhmut but the cost of life is too immense so in the long-term it really isn't a gain. Ukraine has been doing pretty well but they need some more support in weaponry still, which they are getting from the West soon.
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    Debunking cuckservatism

    This makes sense. I've been thinking about it more and realizing that it makes sense for the better-trained to have the stronger weapons. Similar to how we entrust trained professionals to be teachers instead of all parents. The problem is now the policing system in America leaves a lot to be...
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    About "self-help"

    Spreading fear is definitely something many of them do, and I don't like that it's usually to try to come out of an advantage if there's a collapse. If there's a collapse we should be sharing and helping each other.
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    I think this is a still good post for now because many may still be drawn to these things. This type of gambling however is only going to benefit the very wealthy and most of the individuals investing will lose. The best way to invest in the stock market is generally to go into index funds, not...
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    4 Day Fast Done!

    Hello everyone! I've recently finished a 4-day fast. The last time I fasted was in August 2022, and I try to do a fast every 4 months in order to heal my body. During the time of fasting I only drink water and abstain from eating any foods. This time I ordered some electrolytes for day 3 and 4...
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    The Coming Military Aid to Ukraine. Did the West Find Out That Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Don’t work?

    There is currently massive amount of military hardware by many countries being approved for Ukraine. The United States, France, Germany, and many others are helping with getting tanks to the frontline. Germany will be sending Leopard 2 tanks, the United Kingdom will be sending Challenger 2...
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    About "self-help"

    Andrew Tate is actually an example of what young men need to avoid. He's like most of the other self-help promoters but to a very extreme, with lots of victim blaming and selling young men moneymaking ideas that aren't actually helpful like Amazon FBA or trading cryptocurrency. I used to...
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    First Platelet Donation of 2023!

    Hello everyone! I just started my first platelet donation of 2023! Last year I don't feel that I donated enough, I tried to go 4 times at the end of December but I ended up making it 3 times there. I think I did about 12 donations in 2022. One of my friends I know has cancer and was telling me...
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    New clickbait articles about transmaxxing

    It's been getting popular among conservative outlets to heavily criticize transgenderism and anything LGBT related, we must continue the fight and get the transmaxxing info to as many as possible.
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    are you taking any food suplements?

    I take B12 gummies sometimes, but I plan to get the injectable ones again.
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    if you could recruit any 5 forum posters who would this be

    Hello friend, do you have the links to these? Thanks, I try to do my best to help the world.
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    Why Has Trench Warfare Returned and How effective Are Trenches?

    The Return to Trench Warfare Recently in the Ukraine War, we've seen the return of trench warfare. World War 1 style, bogged down, slow, and brutal engagements that involve extremely heavy artillery expenditures. Why Has Trench Warfare Returned Trench warfare began to fall to the wayside when...
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    They are feeding refugees and the Ukrainian Armed Forces with vegan food so it's a great use of funds. Do you make music? That would be fun.
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    I had promised the members of my tutoring server I would be donating all portions of my cryptocurrency profit to causes that support Ukraine. In November this was $73.71 and I donated this to Lviv Vegan Kitchen: This amazing charity serves vegan meals to...