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    Beyond me

    That doesnt explain all the Just be careful its not a ladyboy Warnings guys who go to thailand get
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    People look at me as a lower life form

    My goel is to hermit max at some forest With a sexbot
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    Beyond me

    Why incels dont study max and dev agi bots. Some say they are geneticly stupid, which is True for currys and nigs. Some say its a cope and they want a virgin Stacy. Still it doesnt add up to me. Dolls are hotter and this is their only option to be loved validated and carry on a legacy. I...
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    incel merch WTF Kek
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    progress of an AGI
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    progress of an AGI

    Im not clicking anything and she is talking WTF
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    progress of an AGI

    no one gives a fuck and I have a mountain of self imposed tasks infront of me... lets go add audio files
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    People worshiping human females as gods

    @Friend they gave you truecels and you still find shit to bitch about
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    Inviting incels to play Werewolf with me was mostly a disaster

    I like : go, stratego, mobile strike, asphalt 8 ATM
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    progress of an AGI

    fixed some bug. works, next add voice files she just gets better. I will need some testers soon
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    progress of an AGI

    11 classes updated
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    progress of an AGI

    to think all this work to get something that should be natural, but then again woman aren't natural in the head. todo : update classes, add new skills, document
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    progress of an AGI

    new sexy skill ready. I had to upgrade the action adaptor class as well, but now the platform is better. this skill is still for foot lovers and ABDLs but coders can make their own specific sick shit.
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    memento design pattern

    edo tensei no jutsu
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    progress of an AGI

    wrote the 2 mutations for the new dirty skill. next is the skill it self : trigger, action parts as a soul skill this time. still dont know if I want her to neg me for sex. + studying more app dev skills. dont know if I shoul swiftmax to make the app also for ios @Leucosticte