PC hardware


Good hardware options to go for
Here is a list of good hardware that isn't overly expensive. Promising upcoming products will be marked in purple

AMD 5950x
AMD 5900x
AMD 5600x
intel i9-11900k
intel i7-11700k

Intel i9-10900k
intel i9-10850k
intel i9-9900ks
intel i9-9900k

RTX 3090
RTX 3080ti
RTX 3080
RTX 3070
RTX 3060ti
RTX 3060 12GB
AMD 6800xt
AMD 6800
AMD 6700xt
AMD 6700

wd black sn850
sabrent rocket 4 plus
samsung 980 pro
wd black sn750
hp ex950
SK Hynix Gold P31 PCIe 3.0

Samsung 870 QVO
Samsung 860 EVO
Kingston DC450R
Crucial MX500


3060ti would be a decent value option
Only problem is that it's sold out everywhere except where a store has it ridiculously overprized.

The MSRP is 20% lower than 3070 while the performance is 14% lower. 3080 is still the real value option if you can get it for MSRP, it's 300$ more expensive and deliver 51% better performance.
MODEL  cudacores memory      GB/s   price   TMUs Rops SMs TensorCores RTcoes
3090   10496     24GB GDDR6X 936.2  1499$   328  112  82  328         82
3080ti 10496     20GB GDD56X 780.2  999$    328  112  82  328         82
3080   8704      10GB GDDR6X 780.2  699$    272  96   68  272         68
3070ti 7424      10GB GDDR6X ?      599$ ?  232  80   ?   232         58
3070   5888      8GB  GDDR6  448    499$    184  96   46  184         46
3060ti 4864      8GB  GDDR6  448    399$    152  80   38  152         38
3060*  3840      12GB GDDR6  336    329$    120  64   30  120         30
3060*  3584      6GB  GDDR6  336    299$ ?  112  64   28  112         28
The 3070ti is rumored to consist of dies so bad they cannot be used for (3080, 3080ti, 3090) and its unclear if it will even be launched, there might not be enough suitable dies for it.

*The 6GB variant of the 3060 will be more cut down, according to some rumors this card will be named 3050ti which would arguably be less confusing.


3060 12GB is good value at 330$
Nvidia have now presented another GPU and it will be a good option for people on a tight budget, it make all their previous launches look stupid. You get more video ram than the 3080 offer for less than half the cost.

The issue however is that while it does have plenty of vram it is still weak relative to the stronger options so you will have to turn down settings in a lot of games or face bad framerates. Still cheaper and better than buying a PS5 if you already have a system able to support it.



Information on the 2TB 980 PRO & PM9A1 (OEM)

This information comes from /u/TheReal3st:

Some more Info on 980 Pro 2TB availability and PM9A1. Please ignore if you already know / feel free to ask if you want further info.​
980 Pro 2TB: Seems some dealers also still(?) had Jan 14 stored as the release date. I got a mail from Amazon.de tonight (~2am CET) that the 980 2TB is available for 404,90€. However, at about 7am it was back to not in stock. At least two other German dealers have it listed now. One of them (conrad.de) lists it available for 499 € but with a delivery time of over a week (delivery Jan 22-25).​
Regarding the PM9A1: As I mentioned earlier it is sold like crazy right now (yesterday about 100 units were sold, today we are at 340) and some people already have the drive. There are some screenshots showing scores and pictures of the drive in the comments area of a German deal blog (it starts on this page: https://www.mydealz.de/deals/samsun...blb-00b00-bulk-1734015?page=6#thread-comments)​
A selection of the interesting(?) stuff posted:​
Performance (on a B550 board, as bootdrive, 500gb used): https://static.mydealz.de/live/comments/content/Dly1r/30016104.jpg
2 HDTune - performance dropoff similar to 980 Pro at ~ 150GB https://static.mydealz.de/live/comments/content/Db3gR/30019979.jpg
All in all it seems to be very comparable to the 980 Pro, but it has 2048GB instead of 2000GB. I wonder how much the 2TB 980 Pro will cost, but right now the PM9A1 is instantly available for about half the price of a 2TB 980 Pro preorder.​

Previous message:

The 2TB 980 Pro has been listed at amazon.de:​
The Samsung PM9A1 MZVL22T0HBLB-00B00 (2TB Samsung OEM SSD with PCI 4.0) is available for relatively low prices right now. They were listed for about 300€ since late 2020 but yesterday Mindfactory.de (big German PC Hardware store) started selling them for 229€. Since then they sold more than 100​