Teen sex


Let's take a look at class photos
This was the best method i could think of to see how attractive the typical females are of various ages (rather than looking at outliers)

In sweden compulsory schooling start when you are 6 and the year after that is numbered 1. Here is "årskurs 6"


As we see at around 12 some are sexually attractive while others have not yet reached that point. The female to the right have decently/well developed breasts and does not look uncomfortably young.


I have a hard time finding a decent class-photo for year 7 but here is one



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Currently fertility in the west is below replacement so we do need more teen pregnancies. We actually want females to have reproductive sex when they are physically fertile

Looking at the mental capabilities of teens it seems like at 13 most females will be able to perform sexual selection in an accurate enough manner. It does not seem like having parents make these decisions for them would be better overall.



Having the government make these decisions instead also does not seem viabile since even under elite rule the rulers will not be able to properly make all these decisions (for millions of people) while also governing the country in general. For that reason whe need a system where the government doesn't need to get invovled in most cases.

Fun for males
Males naturally enjoy sex with fertile females, we do not actually need any studies specifically for this to know that males will be attracted to females who are fertile. This is just basic biology.

A few studies have been made and the result are what you would expect


Better for girls
AoC laws doesn't actually stop females under the AoC from having sex, it does however result in them having worse mating options (since the better ones tend to go for legally safer options). Lowering the AoC will result in more (legal) competition for these young females which is beneficial for them.

When sex with young girls is legal and socially acceptable it will be harder for unsuitable males to gain access to girls since these young girls looking to have sex will have far better options. They are not going to go for some creepy old guy unless she is paid a lot to do so (whether or not that should be allowed is a different subject).

Lower age of consent won't result in (many) more pregnancies. It's 14 here in Austria and still most women wait until their twenties or thirties to have kids, because of course they do, who wants to be teenage mum?

Fertilizy rate is just as low here as in the rest of the west.
It's true that just lowering the AoC is unlikely to raise the fertility rate much but it's still a step in the right direction. We also need to try changing the culture.

Actually some females want to be teen mothers despite society telling them not to. Often teen mothers are able to live great lives.

I'm gonna ignore the pleasure for males point, because the point of age of consent laws is to protect kids, not to pleasure adults.
It doesn't protect girls at all since the males you want to protect her from the most will be the least willing to respect these laws in the first place.

Also in terms of average quality of life for the citizens the pleasure males can get from this is very much relevant, why shouldn't it be?
If anything we need less people, not more
While a case can be made for policies to reduce the global population (such as via nuclear war) it's not in the interest of any individual society to pursue anti-natal policies for their own population since that would put them at a severe disadvantage against competing societies.

China screwed themselves over via the one-child policy and now they are starting to pay the price for that (they stopped that but it might already be too late).

Having a low birth-rate also has the issue of creating a lot of old people who will expect to be taken care of by the young and productive, in a demogracy this will be disastrous for young people (might lead to revolutions against the old parasites).