The incel question


The Jake Davison case (incel shooter)

He talked about being more motivated when he was younger but he complained about getting uglier and explained how he lost his motivation.

imagine failing at everything in life
Still he was given a gun license by the government for some insane reason

Davison had the shotgun for sports use and had the licence restored after he attended an anger management course.
This illustrate how dangerous it is to have faith in psychotherapy/similar magically fixing people, it just doesn't work out like that.

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Naama Kates did read many of his now deleted reddit posts:

The first one to touch my dick was a weird gay doctor
Here is some of his posts captured by google
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This illustrate the issue with the blackpill
If people start believing "it's over for me, no hope" they will become far more likely to act out and harm other people. For that reason it's important to give people hope. We do not however have to give hope to everyone, we can use coercion/control to manage people who become problematic for society anyway, for example make sure dangerous people do not get hold of weapons, we also have to make sure we properly monitor dangerous people if we cannot find some crime to pin on them (yet).

Of course the notion that attracting females would be mostly (>50%) based on looks is not based on any scientific evidence, looks do have an impact but there are also other factors such as income that have a big impact.


Sexual frustration and extremism
Antifa did document the case of "zacharias", he is a Swedish nazi incel who got catfished by them. This illustrate that incels are a societal problem even if they do not believe in incel ideology in particular, nazism is arguably even worse.

Most people would probably not accept him but the nazis did accept him due to the fact that they struggle to find people willing to engage in their idiotic street antics. He ended up getting a concussion once IIRC.