Transmaxxing manifesto (old version)


This document was published in celebration of r/transmaxxing reaching 1000 subsribers

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The document does contain many testimonials of successful transitions but i decided not to directly name the authors for the sake of their privacy.
This document was published in celibration of r/transmaxxing reaching 1000 subsribers (it temporary dropped down to 998 after the publication).



Table of content
Why you should transition (1)
How medical transition affects mating options (1)
The experience of becoming female (3)
The male gender role is broken (5)
Avoiding social difficulties while transitioning (5)
Medical transition and reproduction (6)
How society benefits from people transitioning (6)
People improving their lives by transitioning is a beautiful thing (7)
Forced feminization (7)
Innate gender identity? (8)
Direct vs indirect gender dysphoria (8)
Alternatives to medical transition (9)
Therapists and psychiatrists cannot be trusted (9)
Do not let anyone gatekeep you from transitioning (9)
Trapped in the wrong body? (10)
Female sexuality? (10)
Denial and paranoia among repressors (12)
Which individuals actually benefit from transitioning? (12)
Ideal length as a female (13)
Dating as trans girlfriend (13)
Is SRS a good idea? (14)
Preeach Aesthetic institute (16)
What does it mean to be female? (17)
Biological sex is bimodal, not binary (17)
How a girldick differ from a male penis (18)
Transwomen have way better sex than 'chad' (18)
Benefits of transmaxxing as sissy (20)
A trans girl replied (21)
Transmaxxing works even if you do not improve your personality (22)
Some people need a male to take care of them (22)
How to extract resources from men (22)
Sex work (23)
How to attract chad (24)
Transmaxxing success stories (24)
Not only did transitioning save my life, it got me out of inceldom (26)
I'm not a woman trapped in a mans body. I'm just a man with bad genetics and childhood traumas (26)
I love being a cute girl (27)
I didn't feel like i was a girl until i was on estrogen (27)
Leslie’s story (28)
Most males are already obsolete (29)
Involuntary Celibacy (30)
Sexual reasons to transition are valid (30)
Transition due to mental illness? (31)
Being cis can be a mental illness (31)
The degeneracy factor (31)
How to do Hormone Replacement therapy (32)
Estrogen and mental health (35)
Safety (36)
Suicide attempt rate (36)


Someone wrote:

There are german surgeons that adapted suporns technique of creating neovags with scrotal skin for more depth. Its also possible to line a neovag with urethral tissue that would otherwise be discarded. This works for self lubrication.

But from what I've gathered it doesn't only lubricate when aroused, it tends to lubricate constantly

But maybe the tranny I met was so agp that having a lubricating vagina made her constantly aroused

I don't know how the logic is there

But she claimed to need 3 pads a day


From we see that breasts with implants do not look the same as natural breasts, you can easily tell if breasts are fake.

You can get nice size breasts just from HRT.

Shortly after publishing this document i realized that when it comes to HRT it might be better to use low dose injections instead of oral. Dr will powers though that the estrone would result in better breast developing when starting on oral pills but maybe it's just that oral is less potent and thus you get more growth for that reason.

If this theory is correct then dosage estradiol valerate injections combined with bicalutamide would be a cheaper and better regime.

It is worth noting that while there is elevated blod clotting risk with oral estradiol it's still safer than taking birth control as cis female and if you start on pills it will probably be less than 2 years before you switch to injections.