About political ideologies


'Liberal' democracy
It is worth noting that the supposed liberalism in liberal democracy will be largely limited to letting people do stuff that is detrimental in terms of their survival and reproduction

0. Aborting healthy babies
1. Doing drugs
2. Dying from covid
3. Dying from passive/active euthanasia (outright assisted suicide is allowed in some 'liberal' democracies).
4. Letting females and young boys transition to become infertile.

A note on 2 is that many 'liberal' did actually implement covid restrictions but these almost without exception were doomed to failed from the start.

A note on 4 is that sperm can actually be banked early on in puberty but this is typically not mandatory in liberal democracies. Either early HRT is denied completely or it is given with no requirement for them to preserve fertility.

But what if a 13 year old girl wants to have children with an older male?

Well that is obviously not particularly tolerated in liberal democracies. The male is likely to face persecution if he actually makes her pregnant.

And even if you are allowed to reproduce the government in pretty much all liberal democracies will be pretty heavy handed in arbitrarily depriving parents of custody sending children to abusive foster-care instead.

Fundamentally democracy is incompatible with individual rights since it's all about appealing to potential voters. Fundamentally in a democracy you just have to please enough voters to get into power you can ignore a lot of people who are unlikely to vote for you in the first place. The less likely someone is to vote for you the less worthwhile it is for you trying to get their votes. Why care about rights someone wants if he/she isn't going to vote for you anyway?

And of course you can largely ignore what people under 18 want since these people cannot vote anyway. This is why teenagers are subjected to harmful AoC laws in most western countries. Pleasing their parents is more important and many parents are very prudish when it comes to the sex-lives of their children.

Liberal western countries have thanks to having a lot of economic liberalism has been able to create strong economies thanks largely to actors outside of government. This is the reason why NATO militaries are conventionally strong while weak when it comes to nuclear cababilities (the US does have many offensive nukes but their nuclear shelters are very lacking).

It's very unlikely that 'liberal' democracies will be able to remain competitive against countries governed by elite rule. We are already seeing china in many ways outmanoeuvring western democracies despite having many issues with their government. Had CCP been more competent (such as not implementing the one-child policy) the west would have been in a really bad situation now.


Medical fascism
In most 'liberal' democracies healthcare is the opposite of liberal. It's usually government controlled on paper while in practice unions like the American psychiatric associations hold very significant power enforcing policies that are bad for everyone except their small special interest group.

Of course fundamentally doctors still have to please ignorant voters but that is not particularly hard to do. As long as the voters are pleased they can continue with treatments that do more harm than good.

Things like abusive psychiatry might we an attempt at social control to compensate for the weak official legal system.

Things like vaccine passports were implemented in many areas because most people wanted it. Of course if the vaccine actually works vaccine passports are not needed because then you can just take the vaccine if you are at risk. Of course some people will make the wrong decision but the difference is that individuals have an incentive to look after their own health while government officials have different incentives.